Primary Committee Guidelines

Revised June 2016

Primary Committee Composition
Primary Committee Appointment Process
General Primary Committee Responsibilities
Volunteer Application Form

Important Deadline:  Applications must be submitted by September 1st of each year for the following year’s committees.


The Purpose of these Guidelines is to clarify the AAR Primary Committees composition, appointment process and responsibilities to insure that each Primary Committee continues to have qualified and diverse members. AAR’s Primary Committees are: 

  • Legislative and Political Affairs Oversight (LPA) (Standing Committees:  RAPAC and Issues Mobilization)
  • Risk Management Committee (RMC) (Standing Committees: Grievance and Professional Standards)
  • Business Services and Technology (BS&T)
  • Professional and Business Development (PBD)

Primary Committee Composition

Primary Committees shall be composed of the following:

  • Chair, who is appointed by the President for the President’s term in office and who will proceed to become the committee’s Immediate Past-Chair.
  • Vice-Chair, who is appointed by the President-Elect for the President-Elect’s term in office.
  • Immediate Past-Chair, who upon conclusion of the term will be removed from the committee and not eligible to be appointed as a Member-at-Large for a period of one year.
  • NAR Committee member(s) (willing to serve) during the term of their NAR appointment on the companion national committee as follows:
    • NAR Risk Management Committee for RMC
    • NAR REALTOR® Party Member Committee Involvement Committee for LPA
    • NAR Professional Development Committee for PBD
  • AAR Hotline Attorney, who shall serve as a member of the RMC.
  • Legislative Committee, REALTORS® Issues Mobilization Committee and REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee Chairs (willing to serve) during their term as standing ex-officio voting members of LPA.
  • GRI Workgroup, Broker University and CRPM Advisory Board Chairs (willing to serve) during their term as standing ex-officio voting members of PBD.
  • Members-at-Large, no more than twelve (12) individuals whose service on a Primary Committee shall be limited to four (4) consecutive one year terms without a break in service of one year. Upon conclusion of a committee member’s fourth consecutive term, the member will not be eligible to be reappointed to the same Primary Committee for a period of one (1) year. However, if there are an insufficient number of applicants to replace a departing committee member, the one (1) year break in service requirement may be waived by the President for the year of service.
  • Executive Committee Liaisons – Each Primary Committee shall also have two (2) Executive Committee Liaisons appointed by the AAR President for the President’s term in office. The Liaison’s position on the committee is not a committee member, may not vote and is not counted in terms of establishing a quorum for the meeting – unless the Liaison is also a direct member of the committee. Executive Committee Liaisons serve as a resource to the primary committee and assist in decision making with a focus on the AAR Strategic Plan.


Primary Committee Appointment Process

 Primary Committee Application and Submission

Any REALTOR® Member seeking an appointment or reappointment to an AAR Primary Committee shall complete and submit an online AAR Committee Volunteer Application Form by September 1st in the year preceding the desired year of service. Members-at-large are not automatically reappointed to a committee.

Primary Committees Chair and Vice Chair Appointments (AAR Bylaws – Article X)

The President, with cooperation of the President-elect, for their respective years in office, and with the approval of the Board of Directors, appoints the Primary Committee Chair and Vice Chair to serve for one-year terms. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all Primary Committees.

 Primary Committee Member-at-Large Appointments

The Primary Committee Vice-Chair, immediately prior to their term as Chair, shall review the AAR Committee Volunteer Application Forms submitted by the September 1st deadline and select Members-at-Large to serve the following year. To the extent possible, each Primary Committee Chair shall use best efforts to ensure that: (1) their committee is served by at least one representative from each of AAR’s five regions; and (2) composition of the committee is representative of the general membership. In other words, committees should be representative geographically, broker/agent, large/medium/small brokerage, etc. While broad-based representation is desirable, this should not be construed as limiting the appointment of the most knowledgeable and competent individuals available to serve.

 Primary Committee Member Removal/Vacancies

A committee member shall be automatically removed from a Primary Committee upon loss of real estate license and/or loss of Association membership. At the Chair’s discretion, a committee member may be removed from a Primary Committee upon two consecutive meeting absences. In the event of a vacancy: (1) a chair’s replacement will be selected by AAR’s current President; (2) a Vice-Chair’s replacement will be selected by AAR’s current President-Elect; (3) all other committee member vacancies may be filled as determined by the Chair. A replacement member will step into the role of the departing committee member and shall serve out the remainder of the departing committee member’s term.


Any exceptions necessary to ensure a Primary Committee has adequate qualified members may be approved by the President for the year of service.

Effective Date and Implementation 

These Guidelines shall be effective for the 2017 Primary Committee selection process. To implement the policy, the 2016 Primary Committee Chairs with the assistance of their Staff Liaisons, will divide the current Primary Committee Members-at-Large into four groups and assign them staggered terms based on their length of service on the Committee (i.e., Year 4 of 4, Year 3 or 4, Year 2 of 4, Year 1 of 4). Any question regarding the assigned terms shall be decided by the 2016 President. Once the Member-at-Large in these groups complete their assigned Year 4 of 4 term, they will be not be eligible for reappointment to the Primary Committee for a period of one year (but may be appointed to another Primary Committee, Standing Committee or workgroup).


General Primary Committee Responsibilities

 General Primary Committee Chair Responsibilities:

  • Present business plan and budget for approval with staff assistance
  • Chair all Primary Committee meetings
    • Work with staff to develop agendas
    • Meet with staff prior to each meeting, if necessary
    • Conduct committee meetings
    • Approve meeting minutes before distribution
  • Participate as a Member of the AAR Executive Committee and Board of Directors
    • Attend the Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings
    • Present reports at each meeting and make any recommended motions
  • Attend Leadership Conference, if possible
  • Appoint Standing Committee Chairs pursuant to the applicable policies
  • Appoint Workgroup Chairs as needed


General Committee Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend all meetings or participate via teleconference when unable to attend in person
  • Notify staff as soon as possible if unable to attend a meeting
  • Review agenda and all relevant material before committee meetings
  • Respond to emails and other correspondence promptly
  • Make contributions during meetings and voice objective opinions on issues
  • Focus on the best interests of AAR rather than on personal or business interests
  • Act in good faith and in accordance with the best interest of AAR
  • Publicly disclose any conflicts of interest and comply with AAR Conflict of Interest Policy


2016 Primary Committees

The Arizona Association of REALTORS® is member directed and staff driven. We are governed by our Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Primary Committees. The Primary Committees are:

Legislative and Political Affairs

The Legislative & Political Affairs Committee works to protect private property rights, promote AAR’s interests at all levels of government, and mobilize members to legislative and political action. This includes work on needed legislation, legislative monitoring, lobbying (including “calls for action”), issues campaigns, issues research, member awareness and political training programs, and raising and disbursing funds for RAPAC and the Issues Mobilization Fund.

Chair, Holly Eslinger
Vice Chair, Gary Nelson

Melissa Clayton
Gary Cordell
Brenda Cross
Frank Dickens
Sue Flucke
Pam Frestedt
Holly Mabery
Craig Sanford
Dee Schippel
Kent Simpson
Lisa Suarez
Duane Washkowiak
Pete Weaver

Lori Doerfler, Executive Committee Liaison
Paula Monthofer, Executive Committee Liaison


Risk Management

The Risk Management Committee implements and oversees programs designed to mitigate risk for consumers, as well as all Arizona REALTORS®. This Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining standardized real estate contracts and forms which are used in a majority of Arizona real estate transaction. The group is also charged with professional standards (ethics) administration and adjudication, dispute resolution, Legal Hotline management and oversight, along with educating members in risk management techniques and applicable laws that affect their practice.

Chair, Gerry Russell
Vice Chair, Evan Fuchs

Martha Appel
James Burton
Jim Durham
Holly Eslinger
Nicole Hamming
Jon Kichen
Jennifer Kiley
Jan Leighton
Marge Lindsay
Holly Mabery
Laurie McDonnell
John Mijac
Trudy Moore
Bradley Ryan
James “J.T.” Tsighis

Bill Ashker, Executive Committee Liaison
Cathy Erchull, Executive Committee Liaison
Richard Mack, Legal Hotline Counsel


Business Services and Technology

The Business Services and Technology committee coordinates association activities relating to the technology and processes of information flow among those served by AAR.  Important member benefits from this area include AAR eSign (a full-featured electronic signing platform) and zipForm® (a powerful system which allows Arizona REALTORS® to efficiently fill out and manage contracts).

Chair, Yvonne Coelet
Vice Chair, Sasha Lopez

James Adams
Annie Barmore
Fred Cleman
Gary Fenton
Elaine Grill
Bart Haiduk
Keri Means Hoge
Danielle Lawrence
Gunner Mitchell
Sean Murphy
Josh Nies
Carlos Ramos
Steve Redmond
Duane Washkowiak

Matias Rosales, Executive Committee Liaison
Jay Schlum, Executive Committee Liaison

Professional and Business Development

The Professional & Business Development Committee provides tools to assist members and associations to be the best prepared and perform to the highest standards. The committee oversees education activities like the GRI program, Leadership Development (LTA), Broker University (seminars geared for brokers/managers), MRE Society and remote educational sessions across Arizona.  Major events include AAR’s Spring Convention, its fall Leadership Conference and the Industry Partners Conference which brings together fellow finance and closing professionals for discussion and education.

Chair, Chris Paris
Vice Chair, Pam Frestedt

Beth Adams
Vicki Cleman
Sue Flucke
Pamela Frestedt
Evan Fuchs
Eric Gibbs, Sr.
Keri Hoge Means
Jacquie Kellogg
Vicki Lind
Gary Nelson
Yvette Palmer
Emmy Simpson
Laura Tarin

Clark Jones, Executive Committee Liaison
Jim Sexton, Executive Committee Liaison

Meet Your 2014 Committee Chairs

AAR is a volunteer run, staff driven organization. In additional to our Executive Committee, AAR also has four additional primary committees that help shape the direction of our association for the coming year. They are: Business Services & Technology, Legislative & Political Affairs, Risk Management and Professional & Business Development. To see what each committee is responsible for, click here.

Each year, we get a new crop of leadership to help enact real change within our industry. Combined, they have a total of 64 years experience in the real estate industry. Each person brings a unique perspective to their role, and a diverse background. However, they have one thing in common: each person wants to move our industry forward. We’d like you to meet AAR’s 2014 committee chairs.

Business Services & Technology


D. Patrick Lewis, Better Home and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles

Patrick has been a REALTOR® for 11 years. He’s an Arizona native and a fan of ASU football. Prior to embarking on a career in real estate, he was a technical recruiter for large private companies and government agencies.

In 2014, Patrick will chair the Business Services and Technology committee, as well as serve on the Legislative and Political Committee. “I have always been taught to give back to your industry and your community,” said Lewis. He goes on to say that he chose to serve on this committee because he “believes technology has the ability to make business processes more efficient and time management a little easier.” Below are a couple other facts you should know about Patrick:

  1. PC or Mac? Mac.
  2. Dog or cat? Dogs.
  3. If you could be something other than a REALTOR®: Venture capitalist. I would love to be able to enable other entrepreneurs’ dreams.
  4. What do you love about real estate? Helping people through the process. A home can mean so many things and people have so many reasons to be buying or selling. It is amazing to be a part of our clients’ paths forward.
  5. How can your fellow members assist you? I am always interested to hear about new technologies that would help our members in their daily duties.
  6. What’s the next big thing in technology? Data analysis and prediction.

Legislative & Political Affairs Committee

Thomas Sloyan

Thomas Sloyan, RE/MAX Excalibur

Thomas has been a REALTOR® for 34 years and has been involved with AAR since 2006 when he served on its Board of Directors. In 2014, he will chair the Legislative and Political Affairs committee focusing on protecting property rights. According to Thomas, he chose to serve on this committee because he is “very interested in politics that affect REALTORS®”.

Here are a few more facts about Thomas:

  1. PC or Mac? PC
  2. Dog or cat? Dogs
  3. If you could be something other than a REALTOR®: A beach bum in San Diego.
  4. What do you love about real estate?: Helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals
  5. Favorite Movie: The Sting
  6. What’s the next big challenge we face in real estate? Keeping the mortgage deduction for homeowners.

Risk Management Committee

Tahona Epperson

Tahona Epperson, Coldwell Banker/Mabery

Tahona has been a REALTOR® since 2004. Hailing from Boston, she first started out working in resorts managing the room night inventory for five properties in the Southwest. In 2014, Tahona will lead the Risk Management Committee’s focus on the implications of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. She says that she joined the Risk Management committee because, “this committee has taught me that real estate is not just about the transaction, but how there are many issues that are involved in the real estate industry.”

Here are a few more things you might not know about Tahona:

  1. PC or Mac? PC
  2. Dog or cat? Cats. But she’s allergic to both.
  3. Why real estate as a career? I love helping people achieve their goals of homeownership and the  flexibility that this career affords.
  4. How can your fellow members assist you? Mostly by sharing. Bringing information and ideas to the Risk Management Committee so that we can be sure to stay up-to-date on issues affecting our membership and industry.
  5. What is AAR’s biggest benefit to its members? A strong support system. It’s great to have such a wonderful legal team, a proactive professional development team and a cutting-edge technology team!
  6. What’s the next big thing in real estate? More green, energy-efficient, solar building.

Professional & Business Development Committee

Lori Doerfler
Lori Doerfler, ABR, CRS, GRI, RSPS, RE/MAX Prestige Properties

Lori just celebrated her first decade as a REALTOR®, starting in 2003.Prior to her career in real estate, Lori worked in sub-contracts administration in the aerospace industry. In 2014, Lori will lead the Professional & Business Development Committee in one of its most ambitious years yet. In the coming year, this committee will focus on the renewed GRI program rolling out on January 1. Another key area of focus will be leadership training and remote delivery that will allow the expansion of REALTOR® education throughout the state.

According to Lori, professional development is her “passion.” She was drawn the volunteering at AAR because of the “extreme professionalism” of the members and she welcomes each members input and time as AAR works towards providing the highest quality education opportunities. Here are a few more things to know about Lori:

  1. PC or MAC? Both! My first computer was an Apple IIe, then a PC, then a Mac. Now I work on a PC and an iPad.
  2. Team she always roots for: Team 48 Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR
  3. Dogs or Cats? Dogs… they are most loyal!
  4. What’s the next big thing in REALTOR® education? Remote delivery. This will allow for the increased availability of high quality education at a reduced price in a convenient location.