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TransactionDesk® is now available as a member benefit. 

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Getting started and need some help?
We have posted a list of commonly asked questions HERE.

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Having an issue with TransactionDesk®?  Before you call, check the list of ongoing issues being worked on here: TransactionDesk® Project page.

Call 800-668-8768 or email TDSupport@lwolf.com any time to get help with any problems you’re experiencing with TransactionDesk®!

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Using Arizona REALTOR® Forms?

You have plenty of options.

Fact vs. Fiction. What’s true regarding TransactionDesk?

The line between fact and opinion seems to blur. This trend can prove perilous as it leads to misinformation. CLICK HERE to separate fact from fiction and debunk some of the myths regarding TransactionDesk.  

What’s included in TransactionDesk?

MLS Integration
Auto-populates listing information directly into transactions.

Pulls most recent forms and contracts from the brokerage and MLS directly from the cloud. Available on PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet.

Document Storage
Stores and organizes an unlimited number of documents in one place, providing central source of audit-ready historical documentation.

Fast-forward transactions with Authentisign, real estate’s #1 eSignature solution. Get documents and forms signed in seconds through a client’s email.

TransactionDesk Superuser MOU & Agreement


The state association is currently scheduling trainings.

The trainings will consist of one of the following:

Live Webinars

  • Every Wednesday at 10:00 there will be a Get Started live webinar for members to attend. Registration for these webinars can be found HERE.

Live In-Person classes

  • Every two weeks the state association will have in-house Get Started training sessions held in the Meeting Center, training room #1.  REGISTER HERE
  • Live trainings will also be scheduled at local associations. The state association will try to accommodate all travel requests when possible, alternatively offering live streaming when necessary.

Recorded Webinars

Bite-Size Recordings