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Arizona REALTORS® 2020 Line Officers (left to right) President Mary Roberts, President-Elect Jan Leighton, First Vice President Gary Nelson and Treasurer Eric Gibbs

(left to right)
President Mary Roberts, President-Elect Jan Leighton, First Vice President Gary Nelson and Treasurer Eric Gibbs


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Apply To Become an Arizona REALTORS® Officer – Please read these qualifications and complete the form on this page if you would like to be considered for President-Elect, First Vice President, Treasurer, Region Vice President or National Director.

Arizona REALTORS® Primary Committee Volunteer Application – Participate in the state association’s decision-making process, contribute to the Arizona real estate industry, build valuable contacts, get cutting-edge information and learn skills for your business success.


2020 Executive Committee Members

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2021 ExCom Strategy Room (private)
2020 ExCom Strategy Room (private)
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2020 Board of Directors Orientation (PowerPoint)
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NAR Video – “Fiduciary Duties Owed by Directors of Associations

Strategy Rooms

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Become an NAR Volunteer

Getting Involved at NAR – When it comes to making decisions at the national level, NAR’s committees, advisory boards, forums, and councils are the first place where ideas are discussed and voted upon before being approved by the Board of Directors. This brief description is provided to understand the committee selection process and how you can get involved at NAR.


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Member Outreach

See how the Arizona REALTORS® helps members in need – Arizona REALTORS® provides direct assistance to members in Arizona and other states in times of need or with critical legal issues.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Arizona REALTORS® Leadership Training Academy (LTA) – LTA is open to Arizona REALTORS® officers and incoming local association presidents-elect. The program is designed to help our state and local presidents-elect develop their leadership and communication skills, which will help them not only in their leadership role with the state association but also in their day-to-day business.

Module 1 – Introduction to Leadership: Explore your personality, communication and leadership traits as well as qualities of effective leaders, learn how  personality dynamics affect team building, what makes people inclined to follow others and where leaders go astray.

Module 2 – Planning for Success: Delve into key elements of strategic and business plans and building your team.

Module 3 – Media and Spokesperson: Tools and techniques to increase comfort level when dealing with the media, highlighting appropriate leadership behavior in responding to members and media.

Module 4 – REALTOR® Organization Structure: Examine Arizona REALTORS® structure, REALTOR® association leadership responsibilities, and awareness of resources available to leaders through the Arizona REALTORS® and NAR, and steps to get involved at state and national.

NAR REALTORS® Excelling in Association Leadership (REAL) – Learn the basics of volunteer leadership with this no-cost, self-guided online course that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through REALTOR® University.

NAR REALTOR® Leadership Program (RLP) – The REALTOR® Leadership Program is designed to produce the skills and knowledge necessary in REALTOR® leaders to lead local and state associations. The course is broken into four parts which combine online and in-person learning at NAR national meetings or hosted at your association.

NAR Leadership Academy – The NAR Leadership Academy identifies, inspires, and mentors emerging leaders from the local and state level. Participants complete a nine-month training program designed to develop institutional knowledge and leadership skills.