Designed to enhance members’ success, the rCRMS (Certified Risk Management Specialist) program increases members’ knowledge and allows them to successfully manage real estate transactions for clients while reducing exposure to risk. Earn this certification and give your clients the utmost protection during their transaction!

REALTORS® who earn this certification go the extra mile to protect their client’s interests as well as their own. They recognize that in today’s litigious society, good REALTORS® need to anticipate the pitfalls in a real estate transaction for their clients and themselves and be well prepared to avoid them. Requirements for certification include attending one contract course, three core courses, and one elective course. The requirements must be completed within a two-year period, and rCRMS holders must re-certify every two years by taking one rCRMS class every 2 years after earning the certification.


“The quality of instruction and the interaction with other students in these classes has been excellent. I’ve taken C/E classes from many different sources, and I will tell you that the rCRMS program training classes rival the best of them, including GRI and CRS. The best part is that you are using local real estate attorneys who know Arizona law and our paperwork”

— John P. Hale, ABR, ASR, CRS, e-PRO, GRI, MRE Society Member
(Touchstone Residential Realty, Inc., Tucson)



  • Must take ALL 3 Core Courses
  • Must take 1 Contract Course
  • Must take 1 Elective Course


(Students must take ALL 3 of the following one day courses):

Agency, Employment & the Standard of Care (3hrs Agency, 3hrs Commissioner’s Standards)
Explore agency and employment agreements, duties, and learn how to comply with the standard of care in the industry.

Disclosure & Due Diligence (6hrs Disclosure)
Explore how to fulfill the disclosure obligations in a real estate transaction and the due diligence responsibilities of the parties.

Essential Skills for a Successful Closing (6hrs Real Estate Legal Issues)
Explore the complexities of handling escrow, title and financing issues in a real estate transaction.


(Students must take 1 of the following two day courses)

Mastering the Commercial Transaction (6 Hours Contract Law)
Master the complexities of the commercial real estate transaction and business brokerage transaction from offer to closing, including drafting the AAR Commercial Real Estate Contract and related addenda.

Mastering the Land Transaction (9 Hours Contract Law, 3 Hours Real Estate Legal Issues)
Master the complexities of the vacant land real estate transaction from offer to closing, including drafting the AAR Vacant Land/Lot Purchase Contract and the most common addenda.

Mastering the Residential Resale Transaction (3 Hours Disclosure, 9 Hours Contract Law)
Master the complexities of the residential resale real estate transaction from offer to closing, including drafting the AAR Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract and related addenda. View a video about this course.


(Students must take of the following one day courses):

Minimizing Risk & Misrepresentation in Marketing & Advertising (3 Hours Fair Housing, 3 Hours Real Estate Legal Issues)
Examine advertising and marketing principles, the rules and regulations governing these activities and how to avoid misrepresentation in a real estate transaction. View a video about this course.

Claims & Remedies (3 Hours Real Estate Legal Issues, 3 Hours Disclosure)
Explore the elements of common real estate claims and litigation, the available remedies, claims management and dispute resolution. View a video about this course.

Federal Legal Issues (3 Hours Fair Housing, 3 Hours Real Estate Legal Issues)
Examine how best to comply with the federal laws that impact a real estate transaction such as Fair Housing, RESPA and antitrust. View a video about this course.

Leasing Essentials (3 Hours Contract Law, 3 Hours Real Estate Legal Issues) 
Master the essential elements of real estate leasing, including landlord/tenant laws, property management and a broker’s responsibility in this specialty. View a video about this course.

Short Sales, REOs & Foreclosures (3 Hours Contract Law, 3 Hours Real Estate Legal Issues) 
Short sales and foreclosures are on the rise. Because these transactions are likely to make up a large percentage of your business, it is important to understand the risks inherent in these situations. By familiarizing yourself with the problems that can and do occur in these transactions, you can develop strategies to reduce risks for the clients, salespersons and brokers involved.

rCRMS Certified

Congratulations to the following REALTORS® who recently earned the rCRMS certification:

Linda M. Alexander-Gerber

Barbara Allyn

Jenny Aramburo

Betty Arthur

William Ashker

Sean Baguley

Gary Best

Carol Boles

Pamela Boyer

Jacquelyn Briggs

Kathleen Campana

Mark Cekoric

Ronald Chambers

Tom Clancy

Virginia Cleven

Kristin Cook

Dale Cooper

Prescilla Cruz Meier

Flo Day

DeAnna Della Cioppa

Frank Dickens

Sheila Dillon

Donna Dodd

Gary Drew

Doreen Drew

Bill Drummey

Liz Echeverria

Wednesday Enriquez

Gary Fenton

Victoria Felice

Sue Flucke

Agda Freitag

Tim Furst

Suzanne Gammage

Debra Garcia

Jill Gerber

Micha Gillooly

Sue Griman

Irene Gurczak

Gayle Henderson

Michelle Lohman

Carolyn Mitchell

Betsy Newburg

Alicia Rodriguez

Jan Steward

Barbara Warner

Kellydawn Zollinger

John Hale

Ralph Hall

Kelly Hand

Sherri Harguindeguy

Rachel Hendrickson

Lawrence Hibler

Molly Hohrein

Ryan Horvath

Kathy James

Bella Jampolsky

Bill Johnson

Char Kalina

Maureen Karpinski

Elizabeth Karwita

Scott Kerr

James Kester

Scott Kiburz

Lori Klindera

Jesse Knight

Illa Krasnick

Kathy Landis

Pat Leach

Peter Lehman

Benjamin Little

Cindy Logan

Larry Luenser

Holly Mabery

Celia Maddox

Mary Maxie

Kelly Maynard

Tim McDaniels

Marion McGuire

Jimmee McNeely

Todd Menard

Trudy Moore

Michael Mulvena

Gary Nelson

Kristine Nelson

Pahl Newlon

Marilynn Niemann

Staci Overton

Deborrah Parkans

Carol Pinciaro

Claudine Pinto

Yvonne Powell

Sylvia Ramazetti

Sylvia Ray

Steve Rook

Kate Rose

Robyne Roveccio

Mike Salyer

Richard Schneiter

Eric Schulman

James Sexton

Zina Sheppard

Mary Ann Shryack

Sheryl Smay

Carla Smith

Jim Smith

Sonya Stockhaus

Esther Talbert

Sharon Tolmachoff

Tina Totty

Karen Trevino

Kathy Trudeau

James Tsighis

Beth Underwood

G-II Varrato

Alisha Wade

Heather Wagenhals

Myrtle Walton

Cynthia Wells

Judith A. Wolf

James Wright

Amy Wylie

Jeff Zaharias

Marie Zavilla

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