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Commercial Members:  The Deal Just Got Sweeter – Take Advantage of the Arizona REALTORS® and AIR CRE Agreement

Years ago, the Arizona REALTORS® negotiated with AIR CRE to offer a discounted plan allowing our members to access AIR CRE’s Contracts software. The software includes 50+ of the most commonly used commercial real estate contracts, including Purchase and Sale, Lease and Listing Agreements. And, depending on the level of the plan a commercial member purchased, the cost of the Software and credits ranged from $129 to $499. 

Arizona REALTORS® entered into a contract with AIR CRE which went into effect on September 23, 2022. The contract allows Arizona REALTORS® to download the AIR CRE Contracts software and receive 50 credits for FREE. In other words, members will not incur any cost to download the software and access Arizona-specific commercial forms until after the member has used their 50 credits.  Once the 50 credits are depleted, the member may then purchase additional credits for $3.00 each, in any increment they choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long will 50 credits last me?

A1. Each contract has a certain number of credits associated with it ranging from 1-6 depending on the complexity of the contract. All lease and purchase agreements are 6 credit contracts.

Q2. Will I be charged additional credits if I have to modify a draft?

A2. No.  A user can create and modify as many “DRAFT” versions of a contract as desired, only being charged the appropriate credits once a “FINAL” copy is created.

Q3. What if I already purchased AIR CRE Contracts?  How does this new agreement affect me?

A3. If you already purchased the software, AIR CRE will still give you 50 additional credits.

Q4. What if I have a legal question about the verbiage in an AIR CRE commercial contract?

A4. You will have free access to AIR CRE’s attorney, Brian Mashian, via telephone at 310-207-1646 for contract related questions.

Q5. What if I need technical support?

A5. AIR CRE provides all sales and technical support via www.aircrecontracts.com or 213-687-8777.