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To help new Arizona REALTORS® get off to a good start, we’ve posted a tremendous amount of resources for Real Estate Rookies on our website. From information about required forms and showing homes, our Start Smart Video Series features experienced REALTORS® sharing their advice and guidance.


Start Smart Video Series

Watch each video from the Start Smart Video Series below or watch them all as a playlist.

Experienced & seasoned REALTORS® share their advice for success in this video series. Select from the videos below to get started and succeeding in real estate.

Forms for New REALTORS® Susan Slattery

» Watch Video

Broker Susan Slattery walks new REALTORS® through the top 3 forms they’ll likely need to be familiar with right out of the gate.

Showing a Home Marci Slater

» Watch Video

Broker Marci Slater takes you on a tour of how she likes to show houses.

REALTOR® Etiquette Liz Hill

» Watch Video

Arizona REALTOR Liz Hill talks about how behave professionally and how to treat other REALTORS® with respect.

The REALTOR® Mindset Keri Means

» Watch Video

Keri Means talks about what having a realtor mindset means to your business and your clients.

REALTOR® Safety Kathy Laswick

» Watch Video

Kathy Laswick gives tips and best practices on REALTOR® safety.

Avoiding Accidental Property Management Sue Flucke

» Watch Video

Sue Flucke talks about how to avoid accidental property management.

Open Houses Craig Peck

» Watch Video

Craig Peck walks you through what a successful open house looks like.

Three Things Buyers Want in a REALTOR® Bill Gray

» Watch Video

Bill Gray talks about the three things buyers want most in a REALTOR®.

Creating Your Mission Statement Evan Fuchs

» Watch Video

In this video, Evan Fuchs talks about planning your business by creating a mission statement & vision statement.

Start with Setting Goals Craig Sanford

» Watch Video

Craig Sanford talks about goal setting — keeping sensible views of your ‘time’ as ‘money’.

Goal Setting for Your Career Paula Monthofer

» Watch Video

Paula Monthofer offers up 7 Tips for Goal Setting.

Working With Buyers Kathryn Sanford

» Watch Video

Kathryn Sanford talks about establishing a relationship & initial contact with the Buyer.

Working With Sellers Holly Mabery

» Watch Video

Holly Mabery offers advice for your first listing appointment.

Assembling A Team Joeann Fossland

» Watch Video

Joeann Fossland talks about the importance of building your business team for success.

Owning Your Niche! Kerry Melcher

» Watch Video

Own Your Niche!

Buyer Consultation Stacey Onnen

» Watch Video

In this video, Paula Monthofer talks about Buyer Consultations.

Important Final Steps Holly Eslinger

» Watch Video

Holly Eslinger talks about what your final steps should be after closing a sale and finding the next one.

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