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The Legislative & Political Affairs Committee (LPA) works to protect private property rights, promote REALTOR® interests at all levels of government, and mobilize members to legislative and political action.

This includes work on needed legislation, legislative monitoring, lobbying (including “calls for action”), issues campaigns, issues research, member awareness and political training programs, and raising and disbursing funds for RAPAC and the Issues Mobilization Fund.

While Arizona REALTORS® looks forward to next year’s in-person gathering for our annual REALTOR® Day at the Capitol, the government affairs team is still hard at work monitoring the legislative process.  Watch as Government Affairs Director Matt Contorelli gives members a unique glimpse behind the scenes in this tour of the state capitol. 

You will see where the laws affecting our industry are made, and talk about how the Arizona REALTORS® are working with elected leaders from across the state to advance and defend REALTOR® Party Issues. 


Watch the video above to learn the life cycle of a RAPAC investment and how it benefits you as a REALTOR® and the real estate industry.

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RAPAC & Issues Mobilization
Learn about how Arizona REALTOR® work to elect officials and pass laws that benefit Arizona private property owners.

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If you have questions, comments or concerns on matters related to legislation, the REALTOR® Party, RAPAC and Issues Mobilization, please contact the Legislative and Political affairs department at legislativeandpoliticalaffairs@aaronline.com.