Manage Risk

Although the Arizona Association of REALTORS® does not offer legal advice, we do have an abundance of real estate related legal information on a wide variety of issues.

Legal Hotline Q&A’s

Read questions and the answers given by the AAR Legal Hotline covering such topics as: agency brokerage, disclosure, and listings.

Also, learn how to obtain Legal Hotline access (Brokers & Designated REALTORS® only).

Legal Hotline Q&A’s and Signup

Forms & Advisories

Sample Forms

View sample versions of the forms AAR produces. Those without the word SAMPLE may be reprinted.

Buyer Advisory Information & Updates

Lease Owner’s Advisory

Short Sale Seller Advisory Information & Updates

Tenant Advisory

REALTOR® Safety/ASAP Alerts

REALTOR® Safety Alerts & Articles

Learn more about recent incidents in Arizona as well as how to integrate safe practices into your everyday business.  Also, submit reports of any threats to REALTOR® safety.

Risk Resources

Risk Management Articles

View in-depth articles written by AAR CEO Michelle Lind, Esq., AAR General Counsel Scott Drucker, Esq. and AAR Associate Counsel Nikki Salgat, Esq. covering various topics including: contracts, brokerage, short sales.

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Arizona Broker/Manager Quarterly

This quarterly publication updates designated brokers
and managers about risk management topics that
affect their businesses.

For the most current Arizona Broker/Manager Quarterly,
click here.

For archived copies of Broker/Manager Risk Management Updates
(2009-2013), click here.

Scams & Frauds

AAR brings possible scams or fraudulent activity to members’ attention in an effort to help you reduce your risk.

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