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Note: Your eSign password is not connected to your password for the AAR website.

Electronic Signature System

eSign is the new electronic signature benefit system, powered by GoPaperless. This member benefit is now available at no extra cost to our members.
Forms in the zipForm® AAR library are pre-mapped when imported into eSign using the eMail2eSign™ feature or the eSign Printer Driver; this means signatures are automatically assigned to the correct position. The printer driver, along with a companion instruction sheet, can be downloaded to your computer using the links displayed below.Note: Though electronic signatures are as valid as "wet" signatures, not all financial institutions choose to accept them. You may wish to confirm that the parties involved in your transactions will accept e-signatures before proceeding.

How to begin using eSign

To begin using AAR eSign, be sure the eSign Support Staff at AAR has set up your account. If we have not yet set up your account, please email us at support@aaronline.com with your NRDS number and your email address. Once we set up your account, you will receive a confirmation email with your login information, as well as helpful hints for using eSign.

Your AAR eSign username will be your email address, and your password will be defaulted to your NRDS number.  Once you’ve successfully logged in at aar.esignonline.net, you will be prompted to change your password.

You will have the option to use the eMail2eSign ™ feature described in the confirmation email we sent when your account was activated, or to download the eSign printer driver from the link below.

Be sure to watch the training videos or attend one of the live classes listed below.

You are now ready to use AAR eSign!  Visit aar.esignonline.net to login.

eSign Printer Driver

NEW! eSign Printer Driver Alternative eMail2eSign™

You can now email your documents directly to your AAR eSign
account using the new eMail2eSign™ feature!


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Business Services classes & training can now be found on the calendar. Select Business Services from the “Event Type” dropdown and then click on the “Filter” button.

Transaction Management White Paper

The widespread use of electronic Transaction Management systems among Arizona brokerages was initiated by AAR in 2008. This paper describes the rationale for using these systems as well as important factors to consider in choosing one. Click here to download this document.

Looking for a Transaction Management system?  Where’s the best place to start looking?  AAR has compiled information on some of the leading Transaction Management companies in the market today in the Transaction Management Comparison Matrix.  The matrix was developed to give brokers a glimpse at the functionality available and how to contact them to get more information.

Simply click on the link below to begin your search.

TM Matrix

If you have any questions, please call Business Services at 866-833-7357 or email support@aaronline.com.

As a REALTOR® and AAR member, you have access to Arizona real estate transaction forms via zipForm®, a secure, online forms software platform. This easy-to-use software is designed to increase the real estate professional’s productivity and help complete contracts more efficiently -- all while reducing risk. Best of all, zipForm® is a member benefit, included in your dues!

How to use MLSConnect with zipForm®

Quick Tips for using MLSConnect

zipForm® Plus

Launched in June 2013, this version is Java and plugin free.

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What is RoboForm®

RoboForm® is a program that installs on your computer to securely manage all of your passwords.  When you surf to a login page, RoboForm® recognizes the page and automatically fills in the password.  Now, all you need to remember is one, master password that unlocks all the rest.

RoboForm2Go® is the flash drive version of RoboForm® that allows you to take your passwords with you anywhere you go for use on any computer.  RoboForm2Go® can synchronize with the desktop RoboForm® using GoodSync (desktop) or GoodSync2Go (flash drive) to make sure you always have the current password information you need.

How to Get RoboForm®

We recommend that you first try RoboForm® for free.  Go to www.roboform.com and click the Download RoboForm® FREE button to get RoboForm® on your computer.  What you'll get is a fully functioning password manager on multiple computers and mobile devices.

What you get in this free trial is RoboForm®:

  • Up to 10 logins
  • Free on mobile devices
  • Free on desktops and laptops
  • Free sync and backup
  • Free form filling and bookmark sync
  • Includes 24/7 email and live chat support
  • No ads, no credit card required
  • Works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Once you’ve had a chance to try RoboForm®, we think you’ll like it.  So much so, we think you’ll want to take advantage of a very special deal for AAR members; only $19.99 for three years of RoboForm® Everywhere.

What you get in RoboForm® Everywhere for three years is:

  • Unlimited passwords and bookmarks
  • Unlimited form filling and Safenotes
  • Unlimited sync and backup
  • Multiple computers, mobile devices and tablets
  • Free upgrades
  • Includes phone support and 24/7 email and live chat
  • Works on Windows, Mac iOS and Android

After the three year period, RoboForm® Everywhere will only cost $20.00 per year.  We think that once you try RoboForm®, you’ll never go back to your previous method of storing passwords and electronic data.

Click here to get RoboForm® Everywhere for $19.99.




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