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Lone Wolf Transactions zipForm Edition

MLS Connect, zipForm Mobile, and zipForm Standard are available for purchase from zipLogix

Once a year, agents are required to renew their zipForm® account by agreeing to the company’s license agreement. There is no charge for this annual renewal in 2021 unless you select optional products.

Please keep in mind that MLS Connect, zipForm® Mobile, and zipForm® Standard (Desktop) are considered optional.

These products are not required to access your zipForm® Plus (Online) member benefit provided by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

MLS Connect, zipForm® Mobile, and zipForm® Standard (Desktop) are optional and available for purchase through zipLogix.  It is not a requirement to access the desktop version in order to use the online version.

If you need assistance renewing your zipForm® account, agents can contact zipForm directly at (800) 383-9805.

Logging into zipForm® is easy with the Arizona REALTORS® Single Sign-On included in your member dues.

As a REALTOR® member, you have access to Arizona real estate transaction forms via zipForm® (also known as Transactions zipForm Edition), a secure, online forms software platform. This easy-to-use software is designed to increase your productivity and help complete contracts more efficiently — all while reducing risk.

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