IMPORTANT: eSign is currently working on a Dropbox upgrade that will be released on Sept 28, 2017. This should resolve any errors you may be experiencing now. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Launch AAR eSign

WARNING: Be on the lookout for a spoofed (fake) eSign emails that may include a link to a bad URL.
Use the following tips to help you and your clients identify real eSign emails.

  • If an eSign session doesn’t seem legitimate, or you were not expecting an invitation, do not open it. Contact the sender immediately if you have any doubts.
  • Be aware of the from email address; eSign will only send from and will never send an email from your address.
  • Be aware of the from domain (should always be; some scams use a domain with very similar spelling. Also check for spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • All links in eSign emails will link to our SMTP smarthost,, then to You can easily mouse over all signing or download links to see the URL.
  • eSign will never ask for any personal information; DO NOT provide your login information or passwords.

Check before using AAR eSign

Note: Though electronic signatures are as valid as “wet” signatures, not all financial institutions choose to accept them. You may wish to confirm that the parties involved in your transactions will accept e-signatures before proceeding.

What’s new, effective April 18, 2017

      1. Signer notes. Senders can personalize a Signer’s email invite with a unique subject and/or message body on Step 2 of the Session Creation Wizard. The Signer’s property window will have the Signer Notes check box which when selected, will require a Subject or Message.
      2. eMail2eSign. We have added an additional check such that the eSign system looks at the REPLY-TO header in the email to verify the sender has an eSign account. This broadens support for eMail2eSign to almost any system that sends email on behalf of the account owner. This broadens support for some of your users who had issues with email systems that were sending as noreply@ via Zipforms.

Screenshots demonstrating these enhancements are posted here.

Fake signing emails

eSIGNONLINE reminds us:

      1. While the Sender Display Name and From eMail Address can be spoofed, these fake emails show Docusign as the Sender name but as the From address. This is the first sign of a fake email.
      2. A quick mouse-over on the download link shows us that the web address is something other than
      3. If you have good security software installed, click on the link which is meant to ask for your username and password. In this case, the web hosting company that hosted has taken down that site.
      4. Generally, don’t click on links nor open attachments when you aren’t expecting to receive documents or a signing invite.

Be careful out there!


Your eSign password is not connected to your password for the AAR website.

For immediate support…

…during office hours, please call or email our Business Services Support Team at (480) 304-8930 or

AAR eSign & zipForm®

Forms in the zipForm® AAR library are pre-mapped when imported into eSign using the eMail2eSign™ feature; this means signatures are automatically assigned to the correct position.

How to begin using eSign

To begin using AAR eSign, be sure the eSign Support Staff at AAR has set up your account. If we have not yet set up your account, please email us at with your NRDS number and your email address. Once we set up your account, you will receive a confirmation email with your login information, as well as helpful hints for using eSign.

Your AAR eSign username will be your email address, and your password will be defaulted to your NRDS number.  Once you’ve successfully logged in at, you will be prompted to change your password.

You will have the option to use the eMail2eSign ™ feature described in the confirmation email we sent when your account was activated, or to download the eSign printer driver from the link below.

Be sure to watch the training videos or attend one of the live classes listed below.

You are now ready to use AAR eSign!  Visit to login.

If your client does not receive the signing invitation…

If your clients are using AOL or Yahoo as their email provider, they may have an issue receiving the Signing Invitation from eSign.   AOL, Yahoo, and occasionally other email providers will mark messages from eSign as Spam, blocking them from being delivered to the client.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

      1. Login to your eSign account and click on the Magnifying Glass icon for the session you need to resend.
      2. Click on the Pencil icon to the far right of the Signer’s name. Change THEIR email address to YOURS. Be sure to “save”.
      3. Click on the “Resend Email” icon next to the Pencil. This sends the Signing Invitation to your email. Login to your email and simply FORWARD that entire email, that will include the link to the session, to your client’s email address.

Your clients can also add the eSign email address  to their email address book, which should prevent these emails from being blocked in the future.   Agents should also add this address to their email address book to ensure they get all of their notifications from eSign.

Can’t remember your password and need it reset?

If you’ve forgotten your AAR eSign account password and need to reset it, you must send an email request – phone requests will not be accepted.  Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

      1. Email your password request to
      2. If the email address for the request matches the AAR eSign account login, then Support will reset the password.
      3. If the email address for the request does not match the AAR eSign account login, then the requestor will be instructed to send the request from the email that’s used on the AAR eSign login. Once the email matches the AAR eSign account login, then Support will reset the password.  If you cannot remember or do not have access to the email address on the AAR eSign account, a new account will be established for you.

For additional assistance, call or email our Business Services Support Team at (480) 304-8930 or

Upload Documents Directly to AAR eSign with eMail2eSign

You can now email your documents directly to your AAR eSign account using the new eMail2eSign™ feature!

eSign Printer Driver is Discontinued

Note: Recent updates with computer operating systems and web browsers have made the printer driver incompatible with most computers.  Agents have noticed that documents are being sent into eSign broken up into multiple documents with even/odd page numbers, pages are missing or in reverse order, or that their documents are being rotated 45 degrees.  For this reason AAR will no longer be offering the eSign printer driver for download.  Moving forward please use the Email Method, which does not require a download or any updates. The new eMail2eSign feature is the preferred method to send documents to your AAR eSign account.

(Unfortunately, eMail2eSign is not compatible with AOL or Yahoo email accounts.  If you have an AOL or Yahoo email account, you will need to create another email account to use eMail2eSign.)

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