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New TRID Forms Go Live on September 28, 2015

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New Member Benefit from AAR: zipForm® Mobile

zfmMemberBenefitThe Arizona Association of REALTORS® is pleased to announce that it has negotiated its contract renewal with zipLogix for another three years beginning January 1, 2014. An exciting aspect to the new contract is the addition of zipForm® Mobile as an AAR member benefit.

zipForm® Mobile allows iPad, Android tablet and smartphone users the ability to access their forms from the mobile platform of their choice. In the past, zipForm® Mobile has been available at a nominal annual cost; after January 1, it becomes an AAR member benefit. Tablet or smartphone users will simply login to their zipForm® account and Mobile will automatically start up. Members who purchased zipForm® Mobile between October 1 and December 31, 2013 will be eligible for prorated refunds. If you have any questions about the new zipForm® Mobile, or any of the other zipForm® products, please call AAR Business Services support at (866) 833-7357 or email to

SureClose® phase-out; zipForm® and eSign see new enhancements

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Business Services Update

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Four Tips for eSign & zipForm® Users

Dena Roberts, AAR business application specialist, presented at ARMLS’ Technopalooza on April 17 and came back with some great tips for AAR members who use AAR eSign and zipForm®.

Here are four tips that might make your next session move a lot smoother:

1.       What’s the best way to get zipForm® to work on an iPad?

iPad, tablet and phone users should use the zipForm® Mobile program.  Unfortunately, zipForm® Mobile came out after our last contract renewal and is not an AAR member benefit.  The cost is $12.95 per year and provides excellent access to forms from mobile devices.

2.       What are two ways to create a session in AAR eSign?

Roberts said, “The best way to create a session is to use the eSign print driver function to print forms from zipForms into eSign. This saves you time by not having to upload each document independently and it also automatically adds the signing locations to the forms.

“Or you can log into your eSign account and upload your documents manually. After you’ve done that, you apply a template that does the same thing that the print driver does and puts all the signing locations in the document for you.“

Keep in mind, when you have a locked .pdf document that you need to have electronically signed, you will need to either use the eSign print driver, or recreate the document into a new .pdf by printing and re-scanning.

3.      Don’t forget to update your zipForm® templates

Roberts says that zipForm® is great because “it allows users to create templates for different types of transactions like short sales or foreclosures.” But she cautions that templates are just like file folders and have to be refreshed when new forms are updated in zipForm®. A good practice is to do so at least once a year and when you are alerted about updates to your zipForm libraries. Also, the eSign print driver uses the QR scan codes in the bottom right corner of the form to automatically place the signing locations on the form when sending your documents to eSign. You want to make sure your forms have the latest version of this code as well. For directions on how to update templates call AAR Business Services Department or search on zipForm®.

4.       AAR eSign signing emails not being delivered to clients

Some clients with a heightened email filter (or AOL accounts) have reported an inability to receive emails from AAR eSign.  When a client calls to say they haven’t received the transmission first ask them to check their SPAM and JUNK folders. If it’s still missing you have two options:

  • Have your clients add eSign to their safe senders list. For instructions on how to do so, email:
  • Re-send the signing invitation to yourself from eSign and forward it to your clients.

Get Help from AAR

As a benefit to members, AAR hosts free webinars every week that teach users how to use AAR eSign and zipForm®. We also have a live class once a month. To see the schedule, click here.

For more help with AAR eSign and zipForm®, visit:

Important zipForm® Updates

Recently many AAR members have been experiencing troubles with zipForms®, the AAR electronic forms offering. Ron LaMee, senior vice president of business services for AAR wrote a blog post on March 26, giving people an explanation for the problems they might be having. In it he says:

To use zipForm®, you must download and install a Java plug-in from Oracle into your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). Recently, a series of Java security vulnerabilities in these plug-ins have been revealed. … [T]he recent spate of Java vulnerabilities has resulted in Apple “turning off” Java support in Safari. The net result is that safe Java websites like zipForm® are affected, too.

Following this post, LaMee also sent this message to membership via the AAR Blog about changes happening at zipLogix:

“We’ve been talking about the new, Java-free version of zipForm® lately, but now we have official word about timing for the release.  Here’s a statement from Wendy Waldrep, vice president of sales at zipLogix:

‘We want to officially confirm that zipLogix is working on zipForm® Plus,  a new release that eliminates the need for Java and adds new features.  zipLogix commits  to releasing zipForm® Plus to AAR members in June.  Initially, AAR members will have the ability to switch back and forth from the new application to zipForm® 6 Professional to ease transition to the new platform.’

“As we in Business Services get some experience with zipForm® Plus, we’ll be better able to guide AAR members. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the launch” wrote LaMee.

If you are experiencing issues using zipForm®, AAR is here to help. Feel free to call our support team during business hours at Toll Free: (866) 833-7357 or Email AAR Support.

Business Services Support

Please contact AAR Business Services Support for:

  • AAR eSign questions, problems and training
  • zipForm® Plus questions, problems and training
  • password and other problems

Business Services Support is available weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Phone: (480) 304-8930 | Toll Free: (866) 833-7357

AAR Technical Support