2016 Primary Committees

The Arizona Association of REALTORS® is member directed and staff driven. We are governed by our Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Primary Committees. The Primary Committees are:

Legislative and Political Affairs

The Legislative & Political Affairs Committee works to protect private property rights, promote AAR’s interests at all levels of government, and mobilize members to legislative and political action. This includes work on needed legislation, legislative monitoring, lobbying (including “calls for action”), issues campaigns, issues research, member awareness and political training programs, and raising and disbursing funds for RAPAC and the Issues Mobilization Fund.

Chair, Holly Eslinger
Vice Chair, Gary Nelson

Melissa Clayton
Gary Cordell
Brenda Cross
Frank Dickens
Sue Flucke
Pam Frestedt
Holly Mabery
Craig Sanford
Dee Schippel
Kent Simpson
Lisa Suarez
Duane Washkowiak
Pete Weaver

Lori Doerfler, Executive Committee Liaison
Paula Monthofer, Executive Committee Liaison


Risk Management

The Risk Management Committee implements and oversees programs designed to mitigate risk for consumers, as well as all Arizona REALTORS®. This Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining standardized real estate contracts and forms which are used in a majority of Arizona real estate transaction. The group is also charged with professional standards (ethics) administration and adjudication, dispute resolution, Legal Hotline management and oversight, along with educating members in risk management techniques and applicable laws that affect their practice.

Chair, Gerry Russell
Vice Chair, Evan Fuchs

Martha Appel
James Burton
Jim Durham
Holly Eslinger
Nicole Hamming
Jon Kichen
Jennifer Kiley
Jan Leighton
Marge Lindsay
Holly Mabery
Laurie McDonnell
John Mijac
Trudy Moore
Bradley Ryan
James “J.T.” Tsighis

Bill Ashker, Executive Committee Liaison
Cathy Erchull, Executive Committee Liaison
Richard Mack, Legal Hotline Counsel


Business Services and Technology

The Business Services and Technology committee coordinates association activities relating to the technology and processes of information flow among those served by AAR.  Important member benefits from this area include AAR eSign (a full-featured electronic signing platform) and zipForm® (a powerful system which allows Arizona REALTORS® to efficiently fill out and manage contracts).

Chair, Yvonne Coelet
Vice Chair, Sasha Lopez

James Adams
Annie Barmore
Fred Cleman
Gary Fenton
Elaine Grill
Bart Haiduk
Keri Means Hoge
Danielle Lawrence
Gunner Mitchell
Sean Murphy
Josh Nies
Carlos Ramos
Steve Redmond
Duane Washkowiak

Matias Rosales, Executive Committee Liaison
Jay Schlum, Executive Committee Liaison

Professional and Business Development

The Professional & Business Development Committee provides tools to assist members and associations to be the best prepared and perform to the highest standards. The committee oversees education activities like the GRI program, Leadership Development (LTA), Broker University (seminars geared for brokers/managers), MRE Society and remote educational sessions across Arizona.  Major events include AAR’s Spring Convention, its fall Leadership Conference and the Industry Partners Conference which brings together fellow finance and closing professionals for discussion and education.

Chair, Chris Paris
Vice Chair, Pam Frestedt

Beth Adams
Vicki Cleman
Sue Flucke
Pamela Frestedt
Evan Fuchs
Eric Gibbs, Sr.
Keri Hoge Means
Jacquie Kellogg
Vicki Lind
Gary Nelson
Yvette Palmer
Emmy Simpson
Laura Tarin

Clark Jones, Executive Committee Liaison
Jim Sexton, Executive Committee Liaison

The Five Ws of RAPAC

“RAPAC” may be a term you’re already familiar with and understand its value to our industry. It may be a term you’ve heard mentioned at various REALTOR®-related events, but aren’t too familiar with. Or, it may be that the word RAPAC incites complete and utter bewilderment for you. If you fall into the latter category, read on. This is the: who, what, where, when and why of RAPAC.

Let’s first begin with a brief introduction. RAPAC stands for the REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee. Today, virtually every special interest group in America has a PAC, and the REALTORS® of Arizona are no different. RAPAC is a nonprofit, unincorporated group that allows REALTOR® members to collectively and effectively participate in political affairs. RAPAC is not affiliated with a political party and is non-partisan in its support of candidates. Simply put, RAPAC is the best way to protect your business. Now let’s dive in.

Who supports RAPAC?

RAPAC is made up of voluntary investments from REALTOR® members all across the state.

What does investing in RAPAC do for me?

Your investment in RAPAC safeguards your business and our industry as a whole. Arizona real estate faces many issues that need support from pro-business/pro-real estate lawmakers. These issues range from HOA reform, water rights, property taxes and preserving the rights of property owners to name a few. Here are some recent legislative wins that could not have happened without AAR members’ investment in RAPAC.

Where does my investment in RAPAC go?

Your investment in RAPAC goes towards educating Arizona lawmakers on the issues that keep you up at night. Through your RAPAC dollars, AAR can support pro-real estate lawmakers and guarantee that no decision is made that will affect our industry, good or bad, until our voice is heard.

Investments can be made to your local association, directly to the Arizona Association of REALTORS®, and to the National Association of REALTORS®. The only acceptable way to contribute to RAPAC is by money drawn from personal funds.

When should I invest?

RAPAC investments are accepted at any time throughout the year. We do understand that for some contributing money to any sort of cause may not always be in your budget. One time to consider contributing is right after you’ve had a successful close. Or have one less Starbucks a week and at the end of the month you’ll have enough money set aside to contribute. Even a minimum donation of $30 per member, per year can do so much. When all things are considered, $30 is a small investment for such a large return – protecting your business!

Most importantly, why should you invest in RAPAC?

The Arizona Association of REALTORS® and RAPAC want to help you make more money, keep more of what you make, reduce your liability and protect you from any undue burdens that will affect your business. Investing in RAPAC means protecting your professional rights.

In order to affect legislation, we must be proactive and support the best. With your minimum contribution of $30, we can raise thousands of dollars to be stronger than ever!


Contributions to RAPAC are voluntary and are used for political purposes. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal or otherwise affecting your membership rights. Seventy percent of each contribution will be sent to Arizona PAC for state and local activities. Contributions to National RPAC are charged against your limits under 2 U.S.C 441a. Contributions are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes.