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Mere months after orchestrating an overwhelming victory at the ballot on Proposition 126, individual REALTORS® across the state have been stepping forward to become Major Investors in RAPAC. Four local associations, the Tucson Association of REALTORS® (TAR), the Lake Havasu Association of REALTORS® (LHAR), the SouthEast Valley Regional Association of REALTORS® (SEVRAR), and the Prescott Area Association of REALTORS® (PAAR), have all had record breaking Major Investor receptions for 2019.

TAR kicked the 2019 RAPAC year off hosting the first Major Investor lunch on Nov. 9 at the historic Arizona Inn in Tucson. There they had 31 REALTORS® and affiliates commit to be a RAPAC Major Investor, thanks in large part to the impressive successes TAR has had addressing issues on the local level. TAR has never had so many Major Investors make pledges at a single event before, and their event was a preview of things to come.

LHAR unfortunately was unable to hold a Major Investor reception last year, but this year they found a great location at the Mudshark Public House brewery before its grand opening to the public. Guests were treated to an exclusive tour of the facility along with special beer pairings to sample. Organizer Lori Doerfler made sure the event was a fun experience, keeping the program short so attendees could explore and enjoy the space, creating a fun and attractive atmosphere.

“We wanted to make a big deal of it and make it fun,” Doerfler said. “Our members are highly involved and the RAPAC culture here in Lake Havasu has really grown. In 2008 we had just one Major Investor and we didn’t make our goal, but that was also when the market was way down.”

Since then, LHAR has really become a strong voice within the Arizona REALTORS®, and their involvement only continues to grow. At this year’s event, LHAR had 32 members pledge to be Major Investors, more than they’ve ever had over the course of an entire year! One member, David Plunkett, even stepped up to be Arizona’s second Platinum R REALTOR® with a $10,000 investment into RAPAC. Liz Harris with SEVRAR was Arizona’s first Platinum R REALTOR®.

Harris also renewed her pledge to remain a Platinum R during SEVRAR’s Major Investor event, which was a pub crawl through Tempe which began at The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen, before moving to Culinary Dropout and wrapping up at Rula Bula. The Association Executive Pam Frestedt and RAPAC Chair Jeff Murray wanted an event that was fun and different for SEVRAR, and their efforts paid off by raising a record nearly $80,000 and having 19 members pledge to be Major Investors.

“We really made it a fun event that appealed to some of our younger members, as we really wanted to get new blood involved,” said Murray. “We had signature drinks at each location along with activity cards for things to do between the locations. We had several new people become Major Investors, and our success last year with Prop. 126 just made for easy math for people.”

“Pam did a really great job making this event happen, and a number of pieces fell together positively,” Murray added. “A couple people responded immediately to the ask, and it led to others jumping in to do this, or I’ll do that. Melissa Al-Rifai did a great job of challenging people to do more as well.”

PAAR also stepped up to the challenge, hosting their Major Investor reception at the historic, and haunted, Palace Restaurant and Saloon which included an exclusive tour of the basement. The Palace has a long history, having been on Whiskey Row since the 1870’s. In its long life it has been a bar, restaurant, brothel, gambling house, opium den, and public meeting place, and the bullet riddled walls certainly have stories to tell.

Amanda Creel, PAAR staff and volunteers had nearly 30 members attend the evening event that included a full dinner and drinks as well as a guided history of the Palace. While none of the Palace’s famous ghosts stepped up to become Major Investors, 16 REALTORS® and affiliates pledged for RAPAC raising nearly $20,000 for PAAR, another record.

It definitely looks like 2019 is off to a fantastic start for RAPAC Major Investor programs and there will be many more around the state. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Major Investor reach out to your local association or the Arizona REALTOR® Party Director, Charles Siler, at charles@aaronline.com. Information can also be found here.