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Installation Ceremony

Awards Ceremony

The recipient of the 2020 Community Outreach Award for a REALTOR® member is Dawn Marie Rapaport.

Dawn Marie is a passionate advocate for our homeless community.  In 2008, she formed Homeless Engaging Lift Partnership (HELP).

The mission of the partnership is to change the cycle of homelessness through our children & provide immediate aid and comfort; advance education for those who have found themselves homeless; promote awareness; and create action in our community.

 Dawn Marie and her partnership have exceeded that mission by:

•             Organizing the Helpsnackz program which provides snacks to students experiencing homelessness identified through school districts’ homeless liaisons.

When schools closed, the Helpsnackz program pivoted to include help for whole families since school lunches would no longer be available.

•             Coordinating donations for and assembling of over 800 back packs to be donated to homeless veterans.

•             Speaking at networking and social events to promote and raise funds for the partnership.

•             Recruiting members into the elite 100 which are corporate sponsorships of $100/month.

•             Volunteering countless hours serving on the board of directors for the partnership.

The recipient of the 2020 Community Outreach Award for a Local Association is WeSERV

This year’s Local Association recipient of the Community Outreach Award is WeSERV for their charity work raising funds and collecting donations for the Arizona Food Bank Network.

The Arizona Food Bank is a private nonprofit serving five regional food banks and a network of nearly 1,200 food pantries.  The Arizona Food Bank was instrumental in the development of a statewide gleaning project, and advocacy efforts that have brought out beneficial state and federal legislation for member food banks and the citizens they serve. 

WeSERV has contributed to the Arizona Food Bank by:

•             Promoting a virtual food drive by email and social media.

•             Promoting a membership challenge to raise $5,000 for the Food Bank in June 2020.  This goal was exceeded and over $15,490 was donated to the Food Bank.

This donation allowed the Food Bank to feed over 2,200 Arizona citizens.  And, the donation link for the Arizona Food Bank is still live on the WeSERV website.

The recipients of the 2020 Tyler Strout Vision Award
James and Beth Adams

The recipient of the 2020 Arthur G. Crozier Distinguished Service Award is Lori Doerfler

The recipient of the 2020 Frank Dickens Excellence in Education Award is Mandy Neat

While we received very worthy nominations, one stood out. This nominee continues to be heavily involved in the realtor organization at every level, enabling her to share her knowledge of the industry to help others thrive in their business.

She was great at telling stories to help us relate to the topic being discussed and was great at keeping the class engaged.

She is great at keeping information fun and engaging.

She used personal examples of concepts we were learning. She engaged with students during breaks to make sure we were really understanding the concepts.

She has a beautiful way of making all attending feel like equals. She educates as well as elevates each person in attendance, even through the zoom format.

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