A West Valley agent reported prescription drug theft during an open house.  Multiple homes were held open for an MLS marketing tour when a consumer entered a home and went into the bathroom.  Shortly after the open house, the owner reported that prescription drugs were missing. At another home, during the day of the marketing tour, the same person presented herself as a buyer to an agent and asked to use the bathroom.  The agent attending the open house said she heard cabinets and drawers being opened in the bathroom.  The owner at the second home said they had removed the prescription drugs to another room and no drugs were reported as missing.

The area where the open houses were located was a gated community and the suspect was reportedly seen on security cameras.  The person is described as a blonde, white female, approximately 32-38 years of age, carrying a very large orange colored purse.  She drove away in a late model, white Ford 4-door sedan.

Listing agents should continue to remind homeowners to put away and lock up valuables, any firearms, and prescription drugs while the home is listed. Agents are reminded to be vigilant and monitor individuals when the public is touring homes. Report all suspected theft to the police department for investigation.

For additional information on how sellers can protect themselves during open houses, go to: https://blog.aaronline.com/2013/09/seller-beware/