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As a REALTOR®, you hold yourself to a higher standard of performance and professionalism. The “Attributes of Professionalism” feature ten characteristics every REALTOR® should represent in their business.

The professionalism series outlines attributes that will help you in your career, and help you succeed on behalf of your clients in their transactions.

#1 – Communicator

Continuous and detailed communication with your clients and other agents.

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#2 – Positive Perspective

Guide the transaction or activity to closing with what the client wants in the forefront.

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#3 – Problem Solver

Win-win attitude and actions; proactive and anticipates potential issues and solutions.

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#4 – Transparent

Free from pretense or deceit.

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#5 – Knowledgeable

Exhibits knowledge, insight, and understanding; well informed. 

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#6 – Open-Minded

Receptive to new ideas.

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#7 – Educated

Stay informed, and continually learn.

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#8 – Respectful

Listen. Affirm. Be kind. Be polite. Be thankful.

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#9 – Ethical

Conduct yourself and your business in accordance with the REALTORS® Code of Ethics.

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#10 – Reputation

It’s your brand and you only get one.

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