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The pandemic brought many changes to the way associations hold mediations and hearings. For that reason, NAR formed a Virtual Hearing Work Group to discuss and make recommendations to the Board of Directors to amend the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual to allow for virtual hearings.

Arizona REALTOR®, GRI Instructor, and REALTOR® Emeritus Marge Lindsay participated in the work group which led to the changes the Board approved in November of last year and became effective on January 1, 2022.

Additional 2022 changes effective January 1, 2022

Article 1, Standard of Practice 1-8 (Amended) – only the new verbiage is cited below.
Upon written request of the listing broker who submits a counter-offer to the buyer’s/tenant’s broker, the buyer’s/tenant’s broker shall provide, as soon as practical, a written formation to the listing broker stating that the counter-offer has been submitted to the buyers/tenants, or written notification that the buyers/tenants have waived the obligation to have the counter-offer presented.

Article 12 Standard of Practice 12-1 (Amended)
REALTORS® must not represent that their brokerage services to a client or customer are free or available at no cost to their clients unless the REALTOR® will receive no financial compensation from any source for those services.

After January 1, 2022, you should be able to download, at no cost, a PDF file of the 2022 Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual (COEAM). To do so, CLICK HERE and scroll down the page for the link to the manual. Additionally, as a reminder, case interpretations are no longer included with the COEAM. However, you may find them at the above link.

2021 Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice

Arizona REALTORS® is responsible for enforcing the REALTORS® Code of Ethics. The code imposes duties above and beyond those imposed by law or regulation, which apply only to real estate professionals who choose to become REALTORS®. 

While it is strongly recommended that real estate professionals seek a variety of alternatives to settle a dispute, the option of filing a formal ethics complaint exists as a last resort.

To reduce the number of paper filings and speed up the process, we have created an Online Ethics Complaint Form that streamlines the submission and allows users to file the complaint electronically. 

Info, FAQs, and Online Filing Platform