UPDATE October 14, 2016
A Southeast Valley broker reported that one of his agents received texts from a man who said he was “looking to buy,” claimed to be a reflexologist and asked if the REALTOR® wore heels. If you are contacted by this suspect, call your local police and provide them with the number from which his texts were sent.


UPDATE April 17, 2015
A Southeast Valley REALTOR® reported that a man claiming to be a reflexologist is once again inappropriately propositioning female REALTORS® in the valley. In addition to phone calls and texts, he is now asking agents to meet with him for lunch.


The Arizona Association of REALTORS® has been advised by several female members that they have been inappropriately propositioned by an individual purportedly seeking to purchase property primarily in Scottsdale and North Phoenix. The man, who claims to be a reflexologist, initially contacts agents via phone and text message under the guise of purchasing a home. Rather than pursue the purchase of real property, the calls and texts become indecent at which point the man offers foot rubs and attempts to meet with the agent away from their office.

If contacted by this individual, members are advised to notify their broker, local authorities, and avoid meeting him in person. For more information on REALTOR® safety, go to: http://www.realtor.org/topics/realtor-safety/webinars.

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