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File Your Complaint with the Proper Authority

Landlord/tenant disputes – Most local jurisdictions (City or County) have a department that is responsible for these complaints. Please contact your local government for assistance.

Construction defects – The Arizona Registrar of  Contractors has jurisdiction concerning construction defects.

Homeowner Association (HOA)  violations – Issues with HOAs may be taken before an Administrative Law Judge for a hearing.

CC&R violations – Violations  of CC&Rs are civil and require civil action; contact your HOA or legal  counsel.

Loan, Interest Rate, or Escrow problems – The  Arizona Department of Financial Institutions regulates Excrow and Mortgage  institutions in Arizona.

Title Insurance issues – The Arizona  Department of Insurance regulates Title Insurance institutions and transactions in Arizona.

Homeowner’s Insurance – The Arizona  Department of Insurance regulates Homeowner’s Insurance institutions in Arizona.

Escrow money issues – For the  holding or improper payment of escrow money by escrow/title companies.

Commission disputes between  Licensees – These are civil disputes and you should contact legal  counsel.

Criminal actions (trespassing, assault, theft, etc.) – Contact  your local law enforcement agency.