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The Arizona REALTORS Disaster Assistance Foundation along with the Northern Arizona Association of REALTORS with the financial support of the REALTORS®Relief Foundation are making funds available to residents who lost their primary residence or experienced significant damage from the recent flash floods in Flagstaff Arizona. 

Homeowners and renters may apply for up to $1,500 in mortgage or rental assistance.  Monies, if granted, will be made payable to the homeowner or home renter. The application can be found below:

Applicants will be required to supply the following:

  • Photo identification to show proof of residency (i.e. driver’s license or other governmental documentation evidencing residency)
  • Copy of mortgage statement or mortgage payment coupon or rent statement or lease agreement

One of the following is required to show proof of damage to your primary residence:

  • Photos of damage
  • Insurance estimate
  • Copies of written claims, settlement proceed or claim state reports
  • Copies of repair estimates form contractors

Applicants with any questions, please feel free to call 602-248-7787 extension 1443.  You may also email relief@aaronline.com.

Download Application

Application for Disaster Relief Assistance

Type of Assistance

Assistance is available to qualified applicants towards one of the following options: 1) Monthly mortgage expense for the primary residence that was damaged by the Flood Disaster or; 2) Rental cost due to displacement from the primary residence resulting from the Flood Disaster. Relief assistance is limited to a maximum of $1,500 per applicant per household. Deadline for application submission is November 30, 2022. Please note this assistance is for housing relief only; other expenses including second mortgages(home equity lines or loans), clothing, appliances, equipment, vehicle purchase, rental or repair and or mileage are ineligible for reimbursement under this program.


Recipient must be a full-time resident and U.S. citizen or legally admitted for residence in the United States.


All information provided on this form will remain confidential and will be available only to those who need to confirm eligibility for assistance and to those who process the assistance to be provided. This includes providing a copy of this application to the applicant's lender or landlord, if requested. It will not be shared with other parties for any other purpose.

Disbursement of Funds

In order to provide for a reasonable and equitable distribution of funds, assistance will be provided on a first come, first serve basis. All grants are contingent upon the availability of funds.

Attachment Checklist

Required for All Applicants

1. Photo Identification to Show Proof of Residency [i.e.. driver's license or other governmental documentation evidencing residency]

2. Copy of Mortgage Statement or Mortgage Payment Coupon or Rent Statement or Lease Agreement

One of the Following is Required to Show Proof of Damage to your Primary Residence:

a. Photos of Damages

b. Insurance Estimate

c. Copies of Written Claims, Settlement Proceeds or Claim Status Reports

d. Copies of Repair Estimates from Contractors

General Information

Please complete all information to be considered for assistance.
Contact Address(Required)
Street Address of Damaged Property
Type of Dwelling

Property Information / Description of loss

Please detail any financial assistance you have received from other sources:
Description of Assistance
Amt Received
Please indicate type of assistance sought:
Amount of monthly housing obligation:



By signing this application, I verify that all the information presented herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree that the lender/service provider or landlord listed above may be contacted to verify information contained in this application. I also provided all supplemental documents as required.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Mail or email application with attachments to the attention of:

Arizona Association of REALTORS®

Attn: Relief

255 E Osborn Road, Suite 200

Phoenix, Arizona 85012

For Inquiries: Phone: (602) 248-7787 ext. 1443 Email: relief@aaronline.com

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