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Note: Arizona REALTORS® attempts to display accurate fee information, but accuracy is not guaranteed as fees are subject to change.  Please therefore confirm fees directly with the mediator before deciding how to proceed.


KEVIN T. AHERN, Esq.                                                                             Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-390-4489
Email: kevin@ahernmediations.com
Websites: www.ahernmediations.com and www.nadn.org/kevin-ahern
Fee: $450.00 per hour


WILLIAM H. BREIER, Esq.                                                                    Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 602-606-9304
Email: breier@radixlaw.com
Website: https://radixlaw.com/
Fee: $4,500 for 1/2 day and $6,500 for full day (includes preparation and pre-mediation caucus(es)) Arbitration $400 per hour

*Only virtual (e.g., Zoom or Teams) at this time

TIMOTHY P. BURR, Esq.                                                                      Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 480-744-3053
Email: tburr@rllaz.com
Website: www.rllaz.com

Fee: $400.00 per hour

CHRISTOPHER J. CHARLES, Esq.                                                   Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 480-388-3343
Email: chris@providentlawyers.com
Website: www.providentlawyers.com
Fee: $350.00 per hour

State Bar Certified Real Estate Specialist

AARON M. FINTER, Esq.                                                                                Mesa, Arizona

Phone: 480-632-1929
Email: aaron@srflawfirm.com
Website: www.srflawfirm.com
Fee: $350.00 per hour
Retainer: $1,000.00

ROGER A. GEDDES, Esq.                                                                         Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 480-573-6800
Facsimile: (800) 726-5013
Email: rgeddes@geddeslaw.com
Website: www.geddeslaw.com
Fee: $300.00 per hour

RENEE B. GERSTMAN, Esq.                                                                   Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-200-0112
Email: renee@gerstmanlaw.com
Website: www.gerstmanlaw.com

$2,000 for ½ day and $3,750 for full day mediation  (Virtual and in-person) Additional charge for use of conference rooms.

$450 per hour for arbitrations.

ALONA M. GOTTFRIED, Esq.                                                             Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 480-998-1500
Email: alona@sglawaz.com
Website: www.azmediator.com
Fee: $250.00 per hour

BEN HIMMELSTEIN, Esq.                                                                        Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 602-606-9316
Email: Himmelstein@radixlaw.com 
Website: http://radixlaw.com/
Fee: $450.00 per hour

PAUL A. JOZEF, Esq.                                                                                 Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-674-0130
Email: paul@CenterForCC.com
Website: www.CenterForCC.com
Fee: $225.00 per hour
Deposit: $225.00

MARC KALISH, Esq.                                                                                 Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-769-8708
Email: marckalish@cox.net
Website: http://www.arizonamediator.com/
Fee: $500.00 per hour

JEROME ALLAN LANDAU, Esq.                                                        Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 480-203-9903
Email: JAL@landaulaw.org or Landau@ArbitrationMediationWORKS.com
Website: www.arbitrationmediationworks.com 
Fee: $350.00 per hour

AMY LIEBERMAN, Esq.                                                                       Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 602-284-4287
Email: amy@insightmediation.com
Website: www.insightmediation.com
Fee: $650.00 per hour
Deposit: $500.00

RICHARD V. MACK, Esq.                                                                         Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 623-250-6954
Email: rmack@zelmserlich.com
Website: www.zelmserlich.com
Fee: $450.00 per hour

SCOTT A. MALM, Esq.                                                                         Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-257-7481
Email: samalm@gustlaw.com
Website: www.gustlaw.com
Fee: $400.00 per hour (in-person or Zoom available)

ADAM D. MARTINEZ, Esq.                                                                            Mesa, Arizona

Phone: 602-730-1005
Email: adam@martinezlawaz.com
Website: www.martinezlawaz.com
Fee: $275.00 per hour
Deposit: 2 hours – $550.00

JUDGE BRUCE MEYERSON (RET.)                                                     Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-625-1474
Email: bruce@brucemeyerson.com
Fee: $100.00 per hour (when parties to the real estate purchase contract are not represented by counsel)

CHARLES H. OLDHAM, Esq.                                                                  Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 480-534-4427
Email: chuck.oldham@carpenterhazlewood.com
Website: www.carpenterhazlewood.com
Fee:  $300.00 per hour

NATHAN PALMER, Esq.                                                                         Mesa, Arizona

Phone: 480-744-0001
Email: Nathan@westlynlaw.com
Website: www.Westlynlaw.com
Fee: $200.00 per hour

BRUNA E. PEDRINI, Esq.                                                                         Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-916-5487
Email:  bpedrini@fennemorelaw.com
Fee: $500.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)

ARI RAMRAS, Esq.                                                                                    Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 480-363-3866
Email: ari@DirtMediation.com

Website: www.DirtMediation.com
Fee: $1,750 flat fee for 1/2 day remote mediation or $3,500 for full day remote mediation

ECHO A. REYNOLDS, Esq.                                                                      Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-248-1076
Email: ear@jaburgwilk.com
Website: www.jaburgwilk.com/
Fee: $300.00 per hour

PAUL J. ROSHKA, JR. Esq.                                                                      Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-234-7842
Email: pjr@jhkmlaw.com
Website: www.jhkmlaw.com

Fee:  $350.00 per hour
Deposit:  2 hours per party

BENJAMIN A. SKINNER, Esq.                                                                     Mesa, Arizona

Phone: 480-422-3440
Email: ben@skinnerazlaw.com
Website: www.skinnerazlaw.com
Fee: $350.00 per hour
Deposit: $1500.00

ANDREW B. TURK, Esq.                                                                               Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: 480-505-3934
Email: aturk@roselawgroup.com
Fee: $350.00 per hour

Mr. Turk will travel outside of the Phoenix Metro area and is willing to work with the parties regarding fees for travel time.  Costs are billed as incurred.


JESI L. WOLNIK, Esq.                                                                             Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 602-723-8023
Email: jesi@lawjlw.com
Website: www.lawjlw.com
Fee: $350.00 per hour – video conference available statewide


SUZANNE L. BREI, Esq.                                                                             Tucson, Arizona

Phone: 520-297-4411
Email: suzanne@breilaw.com Fee: $350.00 per hour

Website:   www.breilaw.com

OUR FAMILY SERVICES                                                                            Tucson, Arizona

Phone: 520-323-1708, ext. 504
Website: www.ourfamilyservices.org
Fees: $50.00 per party non-refundable filing Fee to be paid at time of request and $150 per party due on the date of the mediation for a total of $200.00 per party which includes up to three (3) hours mediation time. $50.00 per hour additional mediation time per party $25.00 reschedule. Fee charged to party requesting new appointment.

BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU OF TUCSON                                         Tucson, Arizona

Phone: 520-888-5353, ext.106
Fees: $50.00 processing Fee to be paid at time of request, $50.00 per party includes up to two (2) hours of mediation time. $20.00 per ½ hour thereafter per party, prorated at 15-minute increments.


STEVEN M. BRECHNER, Esq.                                                                 Flagstaff, Arizona

Phone: 602-481-2329
Email: sbrechner@rzolv.com
Website: www.rzolv.com
Fee: $1,750 flat fee for 1/2 day or $3,500 for full-day (in-person or virtual)

*Rates can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis if parties have financial constraints

JESI L. WOLNIK, Esq.                                                            Heber/Overgaard, Arizona

Phone: 602-723-8023
Email: jesi@lawjlw.com
Website: www.lawjlw.com
Fee: $350.00 per hour – video conference available statewide

updated February 2023