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Name: Theresa Barnabei & Len Elder
Company Name: Course Creators
Street Address: 4729 E. Sunrise Drive #172
City: Tucson
State: Arizona
ZIP Code: 85718

Company Phone: 520-360-0280
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CourseCreators
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/315195?trk=tyah
Other: http://www.CourseCreators.com

I belong to: Tucson Association of REALTORS®
I Teach Courses in the Following Categories: Agency, Broker Manager Clinic, Commissioner’s Standards, Contract Law, Disclosure, Fair Housing, General, Legal Issues
Do You Own All Courses You Listed Above? If Not, Who Does? Yes
Do You Own a Real Estate School? Yes
Designation/Certifications You Are Approved to Teach:  
Are You an Approved Instructor Through The Arizona Department of Real Estate? Yes
Instructor #: Theresa: I01-0423; Len: I00-0071
Expiration Date: Theresa: 12/31/2013; Len: 04/30/2014
# of Years Approved to Teach in AZ: Over 30 Years

Below are the C/E Categories I teach.

C/E Category – AGENCY: At Course Creators, we currently have 12 ADRE-approved agency law courses available.

C/E Category – BROKER MANAGER CLINIC: “Protocol – Broker Policies & Procedures for a Changing Real Estate World” The world of real estate has changed drastically. Spend your time in a Broker Management class with a focus on what gaps have been left in your policy and procedures manual that need updating. We’ll discuss the changes in our industry and what you need to do to address them and give you sample policy and procedure language that you can modify to fit your practice. Get up to date today!

C/E Category – FAIR HOUSING: At Course Creators, we currently have 3 fun and entertaining, ADRE-approved fair housing courses available.

C/E Category – COMMISSIONER’S STANDARDS: At Course Creators, we currently have 13 ADRE-approved commissioner’s standards courses available, including NAR Code of Ethics.

C/E Category – CONTRACT LAW: At Course Creators, we currently have 8 ADRE-approved contract law courses available.

C/E Category – DISCLOSURE: At Course Creators, we currently have 6 ADRE-approved disclosure courses available.

C/E Category – GENERAL: At Course Creators, we currently have 11 ADRE-approved general CE courses available.

C/E Category – LEGAL ISSUES: At Course Creators, we currently have 9 ADRE-approved real estate legal issues courses available.

View our approved courses:

BIO: When two dynamic instructors joined forces, Course Creators was born! With Arizona as their home, national speakers Theresa Barnabei & Len Elder’s business philosophy and mission is simple:

“To make certain that our clients and students:
Get It!
Use It!
Become More Successful Because of It!”

As national speakers, trainers, inspirational educators and keynote presenters, everything we do in terms of professional and personal development education is rooted in those principles. We apply everything we have learned in over 20,000 hours of live presentations to make certain that we are committed to your success!