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Brought to you via ZOOM direct to member (DTM)

Please note: The way you type in your name will be how it appears on your certificates. Please check spelling and punctuation before completing registration.

System requirements for class:

  • Connect via your own laptop or desktop. (NO MOBILE DEVICES)
  • You are required to have a webcam or external camera and microphone. Most laptops have these features built in.
  • Your camera must remain stable/still during the class and positioned so the instructor and class monitor can see you centered from the shoulders up and in FULL FACE VIEW. You should be seated at a table or desk as if in a classroom setting. (DRIVING OR RIDING IN A CAR WILL NOT BE PERMITED)
  • Please note that a hard-wired internet connection is optimal and will help prevent you from losing internet connection from class.
  • Upon login, you will be prompted to update your screen name. Use the first and last name you eneterd in registration. Disable any virtual backgrounds you may be using.

Cancelation Policy: Cancelations received prior to October  8, 2021 will receive a partial refund, less a $25 admin fee. Cancelations received after 10/8/2021, are not eligible for any refund. No-shows will forfeit all fees.

Please check your calendar for conflicting appointments prior to finalizing your registration. We cannot refund in full any registration once completed and received.

*If you have a disability that requires special attention, please contact Kimberly Franzen directly at 602-248-7787.

October 18th 9:00am - October 21st 12:00pm
CE Credits:
  • Via Direct to Member (DTM)

Early online registration is now closed for this event.