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Note: Please check your calendars for conflicting appointments prior to finalizing your registration, as we cannot refund in full any registration that has been received.

There are 2 single classes you may attend, Monday afternoon or Tuesday afternoon or you may choose a package registration which includes both days.

These two days of classes will be broken down as follows:

08/24/2020 | 1-4pm | A Day In the Life of a Client (3 Agency)

08/25/2020 | 1-4pm | Ignorance is No Excuse (3 Legal Issues)

Or a Package Registration - Includes both classes

Please be sure to select when registering, only ONE session that you will be attending (Monday or Tuesday or BOTH) when prompted in your registration.

Requirement for Attending a Zoom Class Through Arizona REALTORS®

System requirements:

  • Connection should be via laptop or desktop (not a mobile phone)
  • You are required to have a camera and mic (mics are built into webcams). Most laptops have this feature as do most portable devices. Please review the system requirements provided by Zoom.us: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362023-System-Requirements-for-PC-Mac-and-Linux. To participate in the class, the instructor must be able to maintain visual and audio with you at all times.
  • Your camera must remain stable during the class and positioned so the instructor can see you from the shoulders up. Should be seated at a table/desk as if in a classroom setting.
  • Please note that a wired connection is optimal and will be less likely dropped from the class.

Course Material:  will be emailed to you in a pdf format

Login/check-in for classes:

  • Classes will be held via Zoom.us. If you have not downloaded this application to your device, you should do that before your class date as well as test your video and audio connection.
  • You will need to log into the class 30 minutes early and you will be prompted to put in your name.  Please use the name of your association as your first name following by our first and last name

Rules for Attending: 

    • Students will be monitored for participation.
    • Performing other tasks on your equipment is not allowed during class time.
    • The instructor will provide time for breaks every 50 minutes
    • At no time should the student log off or go off camera during the class. If the monitors see this happen, you will be removed from class and not allowed to re-join.

*If you have a disability that requires special attention, please contact Kimberly Franzen directly at 602-248-7787.

*Payments made by credit card will appear on your credit card statement under the name REALTOR® Association/ML Chicago IL.

August 24th 1:00pm - August 25th 4:00pm
CE Credits:
3 Agency / 3 Legal Issues
  • Via ZOOM