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Contract Conversations

Have a quick question about the AAR Residential Resale Purchase Contract, the Buyer’s Inspection Notice & Seller’s Response (BINSR) and other AAR forms? Need information when you want it? Answers are just a click away!

Contract Conversations is a new video series designed to provide a quick walk-through of the common AAR contracts and related forms. Each contract or form will feature a different broker/manager breaking down the form (or sections) for quick absorption.

Real Estate Agency Disclosure & Election / aka READE FORM

Arizona REALTORS® Associate Counsel Nikki Salgat and Gerry Russell of Realty Executives discuss important elements of the READE/Agency form. The conversation includes extremely important information about dual agency as well as the Election section. (Video: 14:49)

Buyer Contingency Addendum

Stephen Gomez of Real Living Properties For You & Arizona REALTORS® General Counsel Scott Drucker take a deep dive into the Buyer Contingency Addendum and provide some details on some of the more important elements of the form.  (Video: 12:10)

The Cure Notice

Pam Frestedt and Michael Hofstetter discuss when to use the AAR Cure Notice. (Video: 12:08)

What Is Curable?  (Video: 12:08)

Cure Notice Basics (Video: 13:57)

Buyer’s Inspection Notice & Seller’s Response:

Laura Mance and John Mijac walk you through the BINSR, giving you tips and best practices to help make this part of the transaction as smooth as possible.

BINSR Part 1 (Video 7:15)

BINSR Part 2 (Video 6:00)

AAR Residential Resale Purchase Contract:

Join Jim Sexton and Stacey Onnen as they discuss sections of the contract with personal anecdotes, best practices.

Buyer Attachment & Property (Video 8:58)

Financing (Video 8:59)

Title & Escrow (Video 5:01)

Disclosure (Video 6:54)

Warranties (Video 5:05)

Due Diligence (Video 26:44)

Remedies (Video 7:46)

Additional Terms and Conditions (Video 11:37)

Seller Acceptance (Video 4:17)

AAR Vacant Land/Lot Purchase Contract:

Holly Mabery and Jan Leighton walk you through the vacant land purchase contract.

Attention Buyer & Property (Video: 14:28)

Disclosures (Video: 9:18)

Title and Escrow (Video: 8:47)

Financing (Video: 6:28)

Warranties (Video: 4:17)