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Session Date/Time: Thursday, October 8, 2015/4:15 – 5:15PM

Title/Description: “Understanding the NAR Committee Selection Process” or “Want to be on a NAR Committee? Here’s how!”

Presenter: “J.T.” Tsighis

To lay the important foundation and groundwork for this process it may be helpful to ask yourself all of the following questions.

Who, if anyone, has encouraged you to do so? Why is this important?

Why do you think you want to be on a NAR Committee? What are your qualifications/areas of expertise?

What do you know about NAR’s Committee structure?

How do you go about finding a committee that interests you?

Where do you go to get all there is to know about NAR committees?

When will you make a commitment to pursue your intention and selection of a NAR committee?

Together, time permitting, these are some of the questions we will jointly explore and address. Additionally at the end of today’s sixty minute breakout session you will:

  • Determine if NAR committee membership is something you really want
  • Learn and/or become familiar with the steps you must take to achieve that goal
  • Receive “links” that will be a great resource and provide information to assist you in making an informed decision
  • Get tips on how to facilitate the process
  • Hear my personal story on what happened to expedite membership and eventual chairman positions

Did you know?

When it comes to making decisions at the national level, NAR’s committees, advisory boards, forums, and councils are the first place where ideas are discussed and voted upon before being approved by the Board of Directors.”

TIP:     There is a great article entitled “What are NAR’s Committees?” published in January 2015. It’s a great overview you’ll find helpful to read.

Access here: http://www.realtor.org/articles/what-are-nars-committees

After you’ve selected your first, second and/or even third choice for a committee here are some important, basic steps you can take to ensure you’re on the right track:

  1. Make sure your NRDS ID information is correct and current. This is especially important when it comes to your email address; NAR’s primary method of communication is via email. Every REALTOR® has a NRDS ID number.

TIP:     Look up your NRDS ID by entering your name and email address or license number. Or, your NRDS ID is also printed on your REALTOR® Magazine mailing label and on your NAR Membership identification card.  Access here: https://reg.realtor.org/roreg.nsf/retrieveID?OpenForm

  1. Create and update information on your Expertise Profile. At present this is an optional requirement for NAR committee selection. Rumor has it that this may soon change. In my view it is probably one of the most important documents you can complete.

TIP:     Members are asked to complete an Expertise Profile so that NAR has a detailed resource when selecting committee, work group and presidential advisory group    appointments or when seeking members for other volunteer opportunities. You will be able to indicate the level of participation with which you feel comfortable when completing the profile form. Please note that completing an Expertise Profile is not  synonymous with submitting a committee application. If you wish to serve on a specific committee, you must still submit an online committee application during NAR’s  application period.

  1. Read and re-read the “NAR REALTOR® Committee Structure.” If you are serious about becoming a member of a NAR committee this is a “must” read. It is a 72 page document and comprehensively covers most everything you want to know about NAR’s committees including and not limited to the following:
  • Timelines
  • Recommendation and Appointment notification process
  • Committee Policy, Procedures and Functions
  • A complete list of Advisory Boards, Forums that detail purpose and composition of the various entities.

Access the 2015 Committee Structure document here:  http://www.realtor.org/sites/default/files/publications/2015/2015-committee-structure-document-revised.pdf

  1. Familiarize yourself with the following information:
  • Update your Expertise Profile
  • Committee Selection Policies
  • Committee Selection Process (Create/Edit Expertise Profile)
  • Committee Selection Timelines
  • Committee Leadership Appointments

Access all of the above here: http://www.realtor.org/governance/committees

  1. Under the aforementioned Committee Selection Process one can readily enter and view committee recommendations.

The Committee Recommendation/Selection process allows members to enter and view committee recommendations online. Once your recommendations are submitted, they are compiled into recommendation reports, which are used by NAR Officers in the NAR Committee Selection process. You will only have access to the recommendations that you have entered.

TIP:     When given the opportunity to write a recommendation/endorsement for someone, including you, focus on content quality not quantity.  Avoid merely listing leadership positions or titles someone has held. Place the spotlight of your endorsement on  specific experiences and achievements. Mention individual accomplishments in areas of specialization; articles written; research conducted; qualities that typically make them   stand out; offer reasons why they, in particular, are best suited for a specific committee.

TIP:     When you make a recommendation for someone take a moment to think about what       you want to state before you actually put it in writing. Is it a truthful? Is it an accurate representation? Will the quality of your endorsement be helpful and convincing to a potential decision-maker?   Lastly, of utmost importance, when you write an endorsement for someone that has expressed an interest in more than one  committee refrain from the temptation to “copy and paste” that information to a committee with a different purpose and function.

In summary:

Given this brief, “one-stop shop” approach to understanding the committee selection process… Are you ready to make the commitment to be on a NAR committee?

Well if you are here are a few more items to think about. I’m not exactly sure these are the latest figures but at one time it was reported that NAR has:

  • Over 1.1 million members
  • Created close to 85 different committees
  • 3000 Committee members including Chairs and Vice Chairs AND
  • Over 8000 recommendations and/or endorsements that must be reviewed by staff and the Leadership Team.

You’ll agree a pretty herculean task.


Lots to think about!

Lots to digest!

Give it some thought.

Give it your best.

Have a question or two

Unsure what to do

Not to worry, my friends

Give me a call

You know

I’ll be there for you.