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The Arizona Association of REALTORS® has sponsored a Voluntary Dental Plan for its members, employees, and employees of members. This “CHOOSE YOUR OWN DENTIST PLAN” is available to all classes of membership. Family members can be included.

Listed below are some of the features, advantages, and benefits of the Arizona Association of REALTORS® “Preferred Dental Plan” that is being offered by INS/MARK OF AMERICA, INC. OF HOUSTON, TEXAS and underwritten by Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company of Galveston, Texas.
One time, lifetime $100 deductible
$1,200 per year maximum for all services combined
Increased benefits in 2nd, 3rd and each year thereafter
Group premium rates
Cannot be canceled because of age
Any questions or additional information needed we invite you to call Ins/Mark at 800/847-7503 or go directly to their website.