Currently, multi-line sections within the forms are divided into single-line fields.

This means that at the end of every line the user must hit “enter” or click you mouse in the next line in order to proceed to the line below.

This will not continue to be the case as TransactionDesk is working hard to correct the issue.

Once the issue is remedied the lines will “wrap,” meaning that the text will automatically proceed to the following line without a manual line break needing to be entered.

While we understand that the current method is tedious, it ensures that the text entered into multi-line sections matches up with the line numbers on the left side of the form and does not exceed the number of characters that will appear when the form is printed.

This issue is also affecting the Clauses feature.

Thank you for your patience as TransactionDesk and the Arizona REALTORS® remain committed to making this transition a success.