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Stop Sales Taxes on Services

Dear Fellow Voter,

We urge you to vote YES on Proposition 126, the Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act. Prop. 126 is designed to protect consumers and small businesses from having to pay a new sales tax on everyday services like; childcare, doctor visits, home repairs, air conditioning and plumbing, and even funeral services.

Opponents of 126 say, “We need to broaden the (tax) base and spread the burden among taxpayers, not narrow it.” To those of us that are small business people, this means paying significantly more in taxes for those who can least afford them. Arizona has one of the broadest sales taxes in the nation according to the Arizona Tax Research Association; therefore, we fervently disagree with opponents and the politicians seeking these new taxes.

Service taxes hurt small business
Sales taxes on services target small businesses working seven days a week, or families bearing the burden to make ends meet. Small service businesses, like childcare providers have expressed repeatedly that their customers, working families, cannot afford to pay more in taxes. Additionally, small businesses should not be forced through massive new government regulations to become the state’s tax collector. Sales taxes on services hit working families, seniors, the disabled and minority communities the hardest. Spreading the burden to these families is NOT fair and seems like the last thing we would want to do in an effort to sustain our economy rooted in small businesses.

The politicians have a plan to tax services
Over the past several years, multiple bills have been introduced at the legislature to broaden the scope of sales taxes to include services. Thankfully, these efforts have been defeated. The fact is, service taxes are not currently taxed in Arizona, and each year, we see the legislature giving tax breaks to only some, which mainly include corporations. The legislature has spent too much time picking winners and losers, benefiting large corporations, instead of the citizens of Arizona who are left to cover lost revenues. It is time to use our power and vote Yes for 126.

Vote Yes on 126
Please vote Yes for Prop. 126 and protect small businesses and consumers from new taxes and regulations that could stall our economy and hurt the families that need our protection. Please vote YES if you believe hard working families and small businesses deserve to keep their income.


Holly Mabery

Chair, Citizens for Fair Tax Policy

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