On February 1, 2018, an updated Buyer Advisory will be released.

On page 8 under “Indoor Environmental Concerns”, you will see new verbiage regarding mold. This new verbiage has been included to expand and strengthen the current information provided about mold.

The additional verbiage is as follows:

“Attention has been given to the possible health effects of mold in homes, apartments and commercial buildings. Certain types of mold may cause health problems in some people while triggering only common allergic responses in others. Mold is often not detectable by a visual inspection. To determine if the premises you are purchasing contains mold or airborne health hazards, you may retain an environmental expert to perform an indoor air quality test. This is particularly important if any of the inspection reports or disclosure documents indicate the existence of past or present moisture, standing water, visible water stains, or water intrusion in the Premises.”

With the inclusion of this verbiage in the Buyer Advisory, the Risk Management Committee has decided a new “Mold Disclosure” form is unnecessary as the expanded Buyer Advisory verbiage provides sufficient information to buyers to investigate any concern about mold-related issues.