James “Jim” Brodie, 84, of Green Valley, died Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

Jim, also known as “Sarge”, was an active member of the REALTOR® family, joining in 1991. In 1999, Jim served as the AAR president – the same year that AAR CEO Michelle Lind joined the association as general counsel. He was a master jeweler and handcrafted thousands of RAPAC pins over the years.

Jim is survived by his wife and business partner, Sandy Brodie. A memorial is planned for later this year.

Dave Hollingsworth, who served as AAR president in 2000, said, “I, after being ‘gently’ prodded by Sarge, agreed to follow him from our two years of service as RVPs through the chairs at AAR. His vision was clear then, and even more so today, that the members in Arizona deserved to have the leadership of AAR come to them at least annually to ask how we could better improve the state association. Address their local association needs and listen to their requests to improve their individual businesses. We all learned volumes from Jim Brodie, and he will be sorely missed.”

John Foltz, who preceded Jim in 1998 as president of AAR said, “Jim Brodie had a way of grounding all of us in the absolute patriotism of supporting home ownership. His service to our country was carried directly over to his service to the homeowners and REALTORS® he touched.  Simplicity and honor in ideas that made a contribution to us all and to me, personally.”

AAR Senior Vice President of Research and Member Value Ron LaMee said, “Jim initiated the use of customized, Arizona RAPAC pins to reward donors at various levels. His efforts put a new emphasis and energy in RAPAC that continues today. He was also dedicated to improving agents’ skills and frequently taught classes in Green Valley and Tucson.”

Craig Sanford, a long-time friend, said, “Jim taught me that the value of leadership was not only what you did today but what you did today for tomorrow.”

AAR Manager, Risk Management Jan Steward said, “The year Jim was president of AAR, I was President of Northern Arizona Association of REALTORS®. Early in his presidency, Jim came by to visit with me and needless to say, I was very impressed that he was visiting local associations throughout Arizona. Jim said he was reaching out to AAR’s members to see how leadership could better improve the state association. In addition to Jim’s questions the day we met, he presented me with my RAPAC pin, which he created himself, and an authentic Indian Head penny.  Jim gave me the penny and told a story about his friend who had cancer. His friend went to the reservation and asked to have the pennies blessed. Jim was given the pennies by his friend to pass-on to others, to help them as well. To this day, I still have the Indian Head penny and RAPAC pin Jim presented me with as well as my memories of an impressive AAR leader.”

Major AAR Accomplishments During Jim Brodie’s Presidency
• Purchased and moved into 28,000 square foot headquarters
• Added full-time lobbyist, Governmental Programs Director and General Counsel (attorney) positions.
• Attained the highest membership total ever: 22,948
• Increased participation in the pressXpress™ (400 document fax-on-demand service) by 26 percent
• Partnered with the Mortgage Lenders Association and the Arizona Escrow Association for successful “Partners In Profit” conference.
• REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee (RAPAC) raised highest-ever total contributions of $79,340.
• Developed and implemented REALTORS of Arizona Legislative Link (RALLi™) through the Association’s web site (AARonline.com).
• Developed and implemented a local lobbying training program called “Silver Bullet Session”
• Developed and made available a Buyer/Seller Inspection Form through the standard forms inventory.
• The Association had legislative successes by: 1) defeating a bill that would have expanded new ordinance and regulatory authority governing land transactions in unincorporated areas; 2) supported bill that granted licensing exemptions for corporations selling their own property and closes any window for non-licensed marketplace activity; 3) passed statute change to protect registered professionals (including real estate licensees) from claims related to expert testimony; 4) passed provision that closed a loop that would allow buyer or renter to rescind transaction if certain exempted disclosures were not made; 5) making several changes to “Slumlord” Bill to make passage more palatable for real estate community.
• Developed first online, email-based education course (AAR Contract).
• Partnered with Timeless Technology to offer hands-on computer training programs through local associations.
• Coordinated 74 Graduate REALTORS® Institute modules statewide with 211 members receiving their GRI designation and 569 new members entering the program.

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