All homes talk. Sometimes it just takes a trained ear to hear what they’re saying. In 2014, the Arizona Association of REALTORS® will introduce a one-day course in the recently-revamped GRI designation that will teach both new and seasoned REALTORS® how to understand that property condition, warranted items, inspection reports and more can speak volumes about a home.

The Market Essentials: Property Condition course will be rolled out next year to those pursuing their GRI designation. This course will focus on understanding:

  • The impact of property condition on salability and potential buyers.
  • Financing opportunities depending on property condition.
  • Disclosure requirements for both buyers and sellers.
  • Warranted items as provided in the AAR purchase contract.
  • Using inspection reports to write a BINSR and using the BINSR correctly.
  • Working with appraisers, the Home Value Code of Conduct (HVCC) and best practices.

When qualifying a property for listing, REALTORS® play a very important role. REALTORS® who participate in this course will leave with a greater understanding of how to qualify both the property and the seller. With the many tools and resources available, this course will also help REALTORS® identify “red flags” that may cause problems prior to listing a home for sale. Uncovering these tools and utilizing them wisely will have an impact on buyer financing and desirability.

When selling real estate, it is extremely important to match the buyer to the right property. Not only taking into account aesthetic needs, but also understanding available financing and the types of properties that clients are willing to purchase. This course covers the best ways to match a buyer to a home based on a number of differing factors.

Any seasoned REALTOR® will tell you that a good inspector and a knowledgeable appraiser are crucial to selling a home. Knowing how to read a home inspection report and understanding how to assist your clients with the report is a great way for a REALTOR® to flex some expert muscle. The same is true for appraisals. This course delves into the multiple factors that affect the price of a property and teaches REALTORS® more about the entire inspection and appraisal process; including how to dispute an appraisal.

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AAR would like to thank David Gilpatrick, Residential Environmental Services of America and Holly Mabery and Stacey Onnen from Keller Williams Check REALTY for their contributions to this class.