Previewing the newest GRI course for AAR members


In August, AAR gave our members a brief look at the changes taking place in 2014 with regards to the GRI designation. This month, we’re giving you a sneak peek into one of the new courses you’ll find in the 2014 GRI course catalog. To see the entire list, visit

This course begins with a simple question: How has the role of the REALTOR® changed over the past 10 years? As technology continues to proliferate the consumer landscape, some agents are finding it difficult to cope with the new and diverse needs of today’s homebuyer. Today’s consumer is better educated when it comes to the market, as well as the home buying process itself. A successful REALTOR® must be able to provide solid information that cannot be found elsewhere (even on Google).

Enter the Strategies In Effective Consumer Satisfaction class. This day-long class focuses on uncovering new ways to build a sustainable real estate career by giving you to the tools to market, consult, negotiate and close with buyers and sellers. Both new and seasoned agents will uncover tried-and-true tactics for helping clients understand that you’re not withholding “the goods” from them when it comes to homes; or teach you new ways to interpret data for you clients.

This course addresses these major topics:

1.       Understanding Today’s Consumer

Agents will gain a greater understanding of the traits today’s consumer; tech-savvy, with access to a greater wealth of information (and misinformation). You will learn how to adapt your communication style to eliminate confusion and become a trusted adviser to your clients.

2.       Marketing and Branding Yourself

Have you established yourself as a brand? Find ways to play to your strengths when building your brand. It also delves into ways to analyze your marketing mix and evaluate and track your results.

3.       DiSC® Analysis for Successful Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

When it comes to negotiation, it helps to have the advantage. Agents will be taught the DiSC® (Dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness) personal assessment tool, attendees will gain a better understanding of what motivates you, how you respond to conflict and ways eliminate stress. This workshop will help build a better understanding of the communications needs of different profiles and ways to adapt to meet their needs enabling more fluid transactions.

4.       Creating Long-Term Success

Dedication to success is hard work and it should pay off for the long-term. This course will help you draft a blueprint for creating a business plan that works for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about the GRI program, visit Or, if you’d like to see when the Strategies In Effective Consumer Satisfaction class is going to be held, view it on the GRI calendar here: