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Welcome from Judy Lowe

Watch this short introductory video from the Arizona Department of Real Estate Commissioner Judy Lowe. She explains the history of the advisory as well as what it is used for.

Updates as of June 2013

Updated the following links:

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Page 2 – Section 3.

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Page 5 – Section 1.

Page 6 – Section 11

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Learn More

Short Sale Seller Advisory Intro – Webinar (26 Minutes 45 Seconds)
John Foltz and AAR CEO Michelle Lind
If you have trouble viewing the webinar, you may need to download the GoToWebinar codec.   

“The Short Sale Seller Advisory – A New Resource of Distressed Homeowners” – Article
AAR CEO Michelle Lind

The Short Sale Seller Advisory – A New Resource for Distressed Homeowners |February 2010
If you know of any websites that you feel would be beneficial for the Short Sale Seller Advisory, please contact Christina Smalls at

Learn more about short sales in general:

AAR Short Sales Information Page

Seller acknowledges receipt of this Advisory and further acknowledges that there may be other issues of concern not listed herein. The information in this Advisory is provided with the understanding that it is not intended as legal or other professional services or advice. These materials have been prepared for general informational purposes only. The information and links contained herein may not be updated or revised for accuracy. If you have any additional questions or need advice, please contact your own lawyer.

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