Member Input Guides AAR’s Effective Issue Advocacy at State Legislature

Arizona REALTOR® Magazine – August 2010

A Legislative Win!

At REALTOR® Caucus 2009, members talked about how municipalities were requiring property managers and REALTORS® to pay previous owner’s/tenant’s unpaid water bills before they would turn on service. With the passage of HB 2450 in 2010, municipalities are now prohibited from requiring payment from anyone other than the person who contracted for it. Learn more about this past legislative session.

Thursday, September 2, 2010
Chaparral Suites Resort | Scottsdale
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On Thursday, September 2, REALTOR® members from across Arizona will meet at the annual REALTOR® Caucus to help provide AAR with input on current issues affecting the real estate industry as well as to discuss recommendations for possible legislative or regulatory actions in the coming legislative session.

REALTOR® delegates appointed to represent Arizona’s 21 local boards and associations take time away from their busy schedules for a town-hall-style meeting to review, discuss and debate the current real estate industry-related issues and practices. Key recommendations from these discussions are then forwarded to AAR’s Legislative & Political Affairs Committee and finally to AAR’s Board of Directors for approval.



The annual REALTOR® Caucus is a long-held tradition and is the start of formulating public policy that REALTORs® feel needs to be addressed at the state level.  The legislature begins its regular session each year on the second Monday of January, as prescribed in the state constitution, and the REALTOR® Caucus precedes the state capitol’s autumn season of bill drafting and bill-sponsor-seeking efforts by stakeholder groups, which sets the stage for live legislation during the 2011 session.

As most REALTORs® are aware, AAR has a long and respected track record for effective and resourceful issue advocacy at the legislature. In recent years, AAR has demonstrated an increased leadership influence on other industry trade groups, frequently resulting in business coalitions that target particular threats to the private sector.

Because we have one of the largest political action committees in the state, a high level of member participation and an active grassroots and advocacy network, AAR is routinely consulted by elected officials

and their staff on the front end of the deliberative process.  AAR’s policy goal is to be a respected and trusted resource on behalf of the real estate industry that can proactively provide policy suggestions, research and solutions to Arizona’s 90 state legislators, governor and other statewide elected officials.  Issue advocacy – lobbying – is used when needed to communicate concerns and objections, and AAR has a respected history of legislative engagement at the capitol. AAR stays focused on communicating the challenges to homeownership and affordability and keeping our members the best prepared and highest performing professionals for their clients.

The 2010 REALTOR® Caucus will, once again, be the exciting “starting gate” for this critical annual cycle.

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