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AAR Webinars
AAR Webinars offer you convenient opportunities to hear updates, trends and best practices from the convenience of your own home/office, with no travel required and no cost. Each presentation is about 45 minutes over your lunch.

Hot Topics

Condominiums in Arizona Webinar
14 Questions Agents Should Ask the Lender
C2EX w/Lisa Paffrath
The Power of the R w/Lisa Paffrath

Life Care Planning Webinar with Jesi Wolnik, Esq
Legal Updates from Legal Hotline w/ Rick Mack
Appraisal Toolkit Webinar
Examining ADRE’s “Requirements for Teams” Substantive Policy Statement
Recent Developments in the Short Term Rental World
LLC’s (Mostly) Everything You Need to Know
AirBnBs, VRBOs and Short-term Rentals: What You Need to Know
FEMA National Flood Insurance
Tax Benefits and Strategies of Filing as the Proper Tax Entity
Helping You and  Your Client Understand the New Tax Law Benefits
zipForm FAQs
Smile, the IRS is Watching You
Arizona-Canada’s Winter Playground
Property Conditions: Obligations, Do’s & Don’ts
What Comes First…The Cure of the Breach
Mortgage Myths Dispelled
Goals with Russell Shaw
Effective Marketing Strategies: Refresh, Reinvent, Reinforce
Make it Rain: Where to Find Business
5 Myths Every REALTOR® Should Know About VA Loans
What Every REALTOR®, Buyer & Seller Needs to Know About Solar Part 1
What Every REALTOR®, Buyer & Seller Needs to Know About Solar Part 2
NAR Committee Selection Process
How to Successfully Navigate the NAR Committee Selection Process with Craig Sanford
Understanding TRID Part 3
How to Attract & Work with Canadian Buyers & Sellers with Tricia Lehane
Understanding TRID Part 2
Understanding TRID Part 1
Lead Conversion
Lead Generation
Review of AAR Revised Contract Forms
Amazing Digital Marketing
National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA)
Top 5 Ways to Take Better Photos to Sell
The HOA Addendum: What’s New & Best Practices
The Top 5 Most Common Green Questions
NAR Benefit Summit REALTORS® Property Resource®
Ready, Set, Goal: Achieve your goals in 2015
Proactive Agent Safety
Evernote Follow-up
LinkedIn for Real Estate
A Detailed Look at the Preliminary Title Report & the Red Flags to be Aware of
Evernote #4
Evernote #3
Evernote #2
Evernote #1

Start Smart

Facebook Ad Basics
Social Media and Building Your Business
Demystifying the Credit Score/Rating
REALTOR.com Best Kept (FREE) Secrets
What to Say to a Seller: Seller Counseling Script
Effective Buyer Consultations Part 3
Effective Buyer Consultations Part 2
Effective Buyer Consultations Part 1
Capture, Customize & Close Clients Using FLEXMLS
NAR Benefit Summit MVP
NAR Benefit Summit REALTORS Property Resource®
NAR Benefit Summit TaxBot
NAR Benefit Summit REALTOR FCU

Broker Manager


Property Management

Industry Update: Taking Care of Your Property Management Business During the COVID-19
2019 CRPM Certification Update
Understanding the Eviction Process (2017)
Property Management Hot Hotline Topics with Rick Mack
Criminals, Credit & the New HUD Guidelines
Property Manager’s Duty to Disclose
Solutions to Today’s Top 5 Property Management Issues
New Year, New Property Management Trends (2016)
Understanding the Arizona Eviction Process (2015)
Top 10 Fair Housing Issues Facing Arizona Property Managers

NAR Webinars

Coming Soon

RPR Webinars

10 Ways to Earn More Business than Your Competition (December 5, 2017)
Growing Leads and Increasing ROI with RPR (November 7, 2017)
Data Tool & AVM (October 3, 2017)
Design and Deliver a Successful Buyer Tour and Open House in RPR
(June 6, 2017)
Broker Series 2 Overview of Broker Tools in RPR (May 2, 2017)

RPR for Smartphones (March 7, 2017)
Getting Started with RPR (February 7, 2017)

Broker Series 1 Overview of Broker Tools in RPR (January 3, 2017)