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Attributes of Professionalism

Communication:   Continuous and detailed communication with all parties, your clients and other agents.

  1. Respond how client/recipient prefers to communicate
  2. Time is of the Essence: respond timely and proactively to transaction-related communication (communication and contract)
  3. Proactive in managing all critical dates
  4. Be an active listener
  5. Share etiquette practices and expectations

Positive Perspective:  Guide the transaction or activity to closing; remembering your role as an advocate, keeping the outcome that client wants in the forefront; maintain an equilibrium without personality. 

  1. Understand the situation of all involved
  2. Decisions are the clients
  3. Provide options to achieve goal
  4. Manage expectations for all parties

Problem Solver:  Win-win attitude and actions; proactive in the entire process; anticipate potential issues and solutions.  (buyer/seller)

  1. Understand and effectively explain issues and options:
  2. The contract and ancillary paperwork
  3. The timelines
  4. The process
  5. Red flags
  6. Appraisal issues
  7. Disclosure issues
  8. Finance options

Transparent:  Free from pretense or deceit.

  1. Proactively communicate when a problem/issue arises
  2. Be transparent about your agency relationship (single agency vs. limited dual agency)
  3. Disclose any conflict of interest or business relationship

Knowledgeable: Possess or exhibits knowledge, insight, or understanding; intelligent; well-informed; discerning; perceptive.

Specialized, Knowing

  1. Know the contract
  2. Be familiar with issues in the area which you practice real estate
  3. Sell the kind of property you are trained to sell/represent
  4. Know when to recommend a specialist (different inspectors, attorney, CPA etc.) 
  5. Tell people what you know, not what you think

Open-minded: Have or show a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments.

unprejudiced; unbigoted; impartial.  Nonrestrictive, influenceable.

  1. The client is the decision-maker – keep your ego out of the transaction
  2. Listen when someone is trying to help
  3. Investigate new ideas
  4. Embrace finding the information when you don’t know the answer  

Educated: have undergone education: characterized by or displaying qualities of culture and learning. based on some information or experience: Informed, Learned, Improved, Scholarly.

  1. Take education classes to learn
  2. Earn designations and certifications
  3. Know the contract and current market conditions in your area
  4. Include networking in your business 
  5. Embrace a mentor to broaden your career
  6. Have a current business plan
  7. Continually strive to improve, learn and update skills

Respectful:  Marked by or showing respect or deference (listen, affirm, serve, be kind, be polite and be thankful), provides solid foundation for relationships.

  1. Be courteous and gracious to build goodwill
  2. Respectful of time and emotions
  3. Remember the process could be a tremendously disruptive time for all  parties
  4. Listen and identify what is causing angst
  5. Be aware and respect cultural differences
  6. Show compassion for the stress buyers/sellers are under and for the other REALTOR®
  7. Be present, engaged and focused with the client you are with. 

Ethical:  Conducting oneself and practicing business in accordance with the REALTORS Code of Ethics.

  1. You owe clients a fiduciary duty
  2. Treat others as you would like to be treated
  3. Apply the Code of Ethics to your business practices
  4. Be honest
  5. Be trustworthy

Reputation:  You only get one and It’s your brand By doing all of the above and more, including obtaining your C2EX (a symbol of a professional which polishes your professional performance), your reputation/brand will shine.

What’s in it for me:  Success…Successful closings, less transactional stress, referrals

Additional Resource:  NAR’s Pathways to Professionalism list of professional courtesies