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Arizona REALTORS® is member directed and staff driven. We are governed by our Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Primary Committees. The Primary Committees are as follows.

Business Technology and Communications

The Business Technology and Communications Committee (BTC) coordinates association activities relating to the technology and processes of information flow among those served by the state association. Important member benefits include Arizona REALTORS® Single Sign-On, TransactionDesk® (a powerful system which allows our members to efficiently fill out and manage contracts), and Tech Helpline.

Chair, Shane Cook
Vice Chair, Nicole Cumbie

Gunner Mitchell
Brad Bergamini
Eli Khazoom
Steve Redmond
Dena Greenawalt
Tahona Epperson
Esteban Rosales
Paul Bruce
Meaghann Valencia
Jim Adams
Mauricio Lacerda
Brian Ohnesorgen
Sindy Ready
Elizabeth Dobbins
Brian Juris
Casey Moore

Shelley Ostrowski, Executive Committee Liaison
Deb Fisher, Executive Committee Liaison

Legislative and Political Affairs

The Legislative & Political Affairs Committee (LPA) works to protect private property rights, promote REALTOR® interests at all levels of government, and mobilize members to legislative and political action.
This includes work on needed legislation, legislative monitoring, lobbying (including “calls for action”), issues campaigns, issues research, member awareness and political training programs, and raising and disbursing funds for RAPAC and the Issues Mobilization Fund.

Chair, Susan Herber
Vice Chair, Paul Baker

Duane Washkowiak
Jeff Dial
Ginny Huffman
Branden Freeman
Tiffany Jones
Susan Nicolson
Diana Bingham
Elisabeth Ortega
Craig Sanford
Angelene Ray
Elizabeth Kennedy
Eric Gibbs
Michele Williamson

Bryan Anderson, Executive Committee Liaison
Jan Leighton, Executive Committee Liaison

Professional and Business Development

The Professional & Business Development Committee (PBD) provides tools to assist members and associations to be the best prepared and perform to the highest standards. The committee oversees education activities like the GRI program, Leadership Development (LTA), Broker University (seminars geared for brokers/managers), MRE Society and remote educational sessions across Arizona.  Major events include the Arizona REALTORS® Convention, Leadership Conference and the Industry Partners Conference — which brings together fellow finance and closing professionals for discussion and education.

2022 MEETING DATES: January 20, April 7, July 28, November 17

Chair, Barbara Wilson
Vice Chair, Kathy Laswick

Mandy Neat
Sally Ireland
Susan Nicolson
Serena Jones
Lana Ali
Elaine Whyte
Keri Means
Claire Jean Prager
Sue Flucke
Andrea Crouch
Chey Tor

Diana Bingham, Executive Committee Liaison
Dena Greenawalt, Executive Committee Liaison

Risk Management

The Risk Management Committee (RMC) implements and oversees programs designed to mitigate risk for consumers, as well as all Arizona REALTORS®. The RMC is responsible for developing and maintaining standardized real estate contracts and forms which are used in a majority of Arizona real estate transactions. The group is also charged with professional standards (ethics) administration and adjudication, dispute resolution, Legal Hotline management and oversight, along with educating members in risk management techniques and applicable laws that affect their practice.

Chair, Mike Porter
Vice Chair, Cathy Swann

Laurie McDonnell
D. Patrick Lewis
Kyle Fouts
Jon Kichen
Wendy Shaw
Matias Rosales
Gerry Russell
Wednesday Enriquez
Beth Adams
Gunner Mitchell
Lisa Paffrath
Sharon Ellsworth
Lee Giblin

Eric Gibbs, Executive Committee Liaison
Steve Redmond, Executive Committee Liaison
Richard Mack, Legal Hotline Counsel