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Name: Tom Sanders
Company Name: Assure Home Inspection
Street Address:
State: Arizona
ZIP Code:

Company Phone: 602-369-4152
Cell Phone: (602) 579-1179
Email: tom@assurehomeinspection.com


I belong to: Phoenix Association of REALTOR®, Scottsdale Area Association of REALTOR® and SouthEast Valley Regional Association of REALTOR®
I Teach Courses in the Following Categories: Disclosure
Do You Own All Courses You Listed Above? If Not, Who Does? Yes
Do You Own a Real Estate School? No
Are You an Approved Instructor Through The Arizona Department of Real Estate? Yes
Instructor #: I07-0089
Expiration Date: 04/30/2013
# of Years Approved to Teach in AZ: NA
Name of The Last School You Taught for: Copperstate, LLC

Below are the C/E Categories I teach

Inspection Disclosure Illuminated — Lecture and Case Study of the ten-day inspection period, including many photos to help with recognition and understanding of issues. Includes controversial issues and those known to be “deal-breakers”. Course based on the AZ-ASHI Standards of Practice.