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Name: Susan Jahns
Company Name: Jahns School of Real Estate and Computers
Street Address: 1895 N. Trekell
City: Casa Grande
State: Arizona
ZIP Code: 85122

Company Phone: (520) 836-7300
Email: suejahns@yahoo.com
Other: http://www.suejahns.com/schedule.html


I belong to: Western Pinal Association of REALTORS®
I Teach Courses in the Following Categories: Agency, Broker Manager Clinic, Commissioners Standards, Contract Law, Disclosure, Fair Housing, General and Legal Issues
Do You Own All Courses You Listed Above? If Not, Who Does? Yes
Do You Own a Real Estate School? Yes
Designation/Certifications You Are Approved to Teach: GRI/GRI 201 Understanding Transaction Financing
Are You an Approved Instructor Through The Arizona Department of Real Estate? Yes
Instructor #: I99-0034
Expiration Date: 3/31/2011
# of Years Approved to Teach in AZ: 10 Years
Name of The Last School You Taught for: Jahns School of Real Estate & Computers

Below are the C/E Categories I teach

“Agency and You” C5379 This course focuses on the fiduciary duty of being an agent for the Seller, Buyer, or both. PowerPoint is used for visual understanding as agency relationships are discussed. Students discuss case studies in small groups and then share with other students.
“Keep It Confidential” C6024 This course is AAR approved for quadrennial Ethics. Students will compare Article 1 and Article 2 of the Code of Ethics as the Articles relate to Article 11 of the Commissioner’s Rules and Regulations. Students will role-play and/or discuss various scenarios and Case Studies

Broker Manager Clinic
“Broker Management Clinic” C5383 This course can be taken by designated brokers and licensed salespeople. Discussion focuses on the Broker Self Audit in addition to advertising, sample logs, latest updates from the ADRE’s website, and other pertinent information.

Commissioners Standards
“Professional Conduct” C5380 (Ethics) The Western Pinal Board of Realtors has approved this course for the quadrennial ethics course requirement. The Code of Ethics is compared to Article 11 of the Commissioner’s Rules and Regulations. PowerPoint is used to explain each of the 17 articles of the Code.
“Commissioner’s Rules and Regulation” C5382 Students discuss the latest ADRE updates concerning Commissioner’s rules and review the latest ADRE Bulletin’s Disciplinary Actions.

Contract Law
“2005 Contract” C7010 This course reviews the 2005 contract, in addition to the Addendums. Students work in small groups, note problem areas on an index card, and share with the other groups.
“Purchase Contracts” C5377 This course is an overview of contract writing and uses PowerPoint as a visual. Students will discuss various contract clauses, which are of concern. Case studies will be discussed in small groups and then shared with the other students.

“Duty of Disclosure” C5596 Disclosure Bingo is used as an interactive exercise to introduce the topic of disclosure. The Seller Advisory and the importance of page 1 and 2 of the SPDS are discussed. The importance of the Buyer Advisory is discussed, in addition to the various sections. Case studies involving Agency disclosure issues will be discussed in small groups. PowerPoint is used as a visual presentation for discussion and understanding.
“Buyer Advisories” C6316 Students discuss ADRE’s Property Buyer’s Check List for new homes, previously owned homes, and raw undeveloped Land, in addition to AAR’s Buyer Advisory. Case studies, which deal with disclosure, are discussed in small groups. PowerPoint is used as a visual presentation for discussion and understanding.

Fair Housing
“Fair Housing” C5378 A PowerPoint presentation focuses on discrimination in Fair Housing: Race, color, national origin, religion, sex, and handicap. If you follow the rules, you don’t need to be afraid of the testers.
“Know What Your Tenant Knows” C8971 Don’t get caught in the mousetrap by a learned tenant. Know what your tenant knows from searching tenant web sites. Small groups identify potential problems.

“General Financing” C5412 A PowerPoint presentation takes students through the history of financing with a discussion on today’s financing techniques. Hands-on use of the Real Estate Pocket Master Calculator is introduced to students to compute payment and future balloons.
“Pocket Real Estate Master Calculator” (2 CE hours) C7369 By using the real estate calculator, students have hands-on experience performing calculations to compute the monthly payment in addition to computing balloon payments, changing the interest rate for a problem, or changing the number of years to amortize a loan. This handy simple-to-use calculator provides professionalism to the REALTOR!

Legal Issues
“Intro to Subdivision Law” C8859 This course is a review of ADRE workshops, which were presented at various locations throughout the state of Arizona. ADRE has approved the PowerPoint presentation, with animated graphics depicting various examples of land splits. Case studies from ADRE Bulletin’s Disciplinary Actions will be discussed in small groups and then shared with the other students for evaluation.
“How to Find the Most Current Information on the Internet” C5381 Searching and discussing various issues found on the ADRE website, AAR website, and other legal issues websites.