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Obtaining an Arizona Real Estate (Broker’s) License

  1.   Have at least three years active experience as a licensed salesperson or broker in Arizona or another   state within the last five years
  2.   Submit a Verification of Employing Broker form (LI-226) completed and signed by your employing   designated broker confirming active license experience for three of the last five years; if your salesperson   license is held in another state, the Arizona Department of Real Estate requires a Certified License   History in addition to the employing broker form
  3.   Complete a 90-hour broker pre-licensing education course
  4.   Pass the school’s final examination
  5.   Pass Arizona Real Estate examination
  6.   Attend 9 hours of Broker Management Clinic prior to license activation
  7.   Provide proof of legal presence in the United States
  8.   Obtain a Criminal Clearance Card from the Department of Public Safety (processing may take 5-8 wks)

Arizona Dept. of Real Estate

Best Practice Tip: Set up a PLLC for your license