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Continuing Education Classes

Note:  If you will be attending any of the C/E sessions, you MUST pre-register for them prior to the convention.  To register for the c/e classes, simply mark the c/e classes you want to attend when you register.  Attendees who have not pre-registered for a c/e class will be admitted if space is available in the room.

Tuesday, March 28: 9:00 – Noon

Property Management:  Name That Form

(3-Contract Law)

Instructor:  Denise Holliday

Tuesday, March 28: 9:00- Noon

BMC #1: Statutes & Rules

(3-Commissioners Rules) 

Instructor:  Mary Frances Coleman

Tuesday, March 28: 9:00- Noon

The Survey Says….Taking Care of  Today’s Buyers and Sellers:    Uncover what they want from their real estate transaction and what they want from their real estate professional.  Know what “The Survey Says” with answers from “The NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers” and increase your ability to better care for your clients while growing your business.  We invite you to actively participate in understanding Agency Law like never before and walk away a winner!  


Instructor:  Theresa Barnabei

Tuesday, March 28: 9:00- Noon

Fair Play:  You will leave this class with an increased working knowledge of Fair Housing in today’s market place as well as best practices with clients and setting up systems.  All this  through a highly interactive and fun game-style activity.  This is not your typical fair housing class!

(3-fair housing) 

Instructor:  Stacey Onnen

Tuesday, March 28: 1:30 – 4:30

BMC #2: Broker Policies.

(3-Commissioners Rules)

Instructor:  Mary Frances Coleman

Tuesday, March 28: 1:30 – 4:30 (sponsored by Arizona CRS)

Ethical Jeopardy:   Jeopardy is a great gameshow and no place to be in the real world.  Let’s talk real world situations so you can keep your business clean,  take care of your clients at the highest level while we have a bit of fun in the process. We’ve got your back and are ready to help!

(3-Commissioners Rules) 

Instructor:  Holly Mabery

Tuesday, March 28: 1:30 – 4:30  

Advanced Trust Accounting (Property Management):    Don’t miss this chance to learn from an experienced property management accounting expert.  In this class you will learn the ADRE’s minimum trust accounting requirements and how to comply with them, the meaning of 3 Way Reconciliations and how to perform them monthly to comply with ADRE requirements, and how to prevent co-mingling and conversion in the trust account through a mix of lecture and group discussion/activities.

(3-Commissioner Standards) 

Instructor:  Mike Mumford

Tuesday, March 28: 1:30- 4:30

Negotiating the Residential Resale Contract:   With enhancements to addenda and added forms for use in a real estate transaction it is important to know what form and when to use it  and the areas that can be negotiated for the buyer and seller when completing an offer and presenting the offer.   You won’t want to miss this fast-paced class.

(3-contract law) 

Instructor:  Frank Dickens

Wednesday, March 29: 1:15 – 4:15  – SOLD OUT

To Tell or Not To Tell:   Updates on the Seller Property Disclosure, recent case law, rule & statues that are requiring a higher level of skill and care.


Instructor:  Holly Mabery

Thursday, March 30:  9:00- Noon – SOLD OUT

Seriously…Who Does That?

(3-legal issues) 

Instructors:  Rick Mack/Lisa Robinson