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The Excellence in Education Award is named in honor of Frank Dickens, an Arizona instructor and REALTOR® who had a passion for quality education that focused on engaging delivery methods and the application of the course content. Instructors are nominated each year by the Arizona REALTORS®.

Below, are the key attributes that made Frank such an outstanding instructor:

  • Knowledge:  As an experienced REALTOR®, Frank was able to provide relevant and relatable field examples in class. He truly understood what he was teaching.
  • Wit:  Since he continued to hone his skills and use Arizona REALTORS® forms, he was savvy and always provided new and current information.
  • Engaging:  Frank was uniquely engaging and could connect with anyone on any level. He created an atmosphere of participation that encouraged students to question, share, and learn. 
  • Sense of Humor:  Frank’s humor provided a fun classroom atmosphere that evoked the students’ minds, while weaving in important rule sets for REALTOR® professionals.
  • Thought Provoking:  Frank challenged the students, and they often left class questioning their own standards of practice.
  • Impactful:  He truly made his students better after attending his class.