Seller May Not Unilaterally Cancel a Listing Agreement

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HOA Must Provide Notice Of Known Violations Before Closing Date

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Where Full Disclosure Is Made, Agent Should Have No Liability For Leaky Roof

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After A Sale Is Cancelled, Can Another Buyer Access The Home Inspection

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Buyer May Not Deliver Multiple BINSRs In A Single Transaction

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AAR Updates – February 2014

The Payoff of Participation

When Kent Simpson, a Tucson REALTOR® with Tierra Antigua Realty, traded in late nights and long hours managing bars and restaurants for late nights and long hours as a real estate professional, he did so mainly to assist his family with better access to land and property information. But, he soon realized that he got a lot more out of real estate the more he put in.

Kent 1100x1037Since 2007, Simpson has immersed himself in real estate, built a nationwide network of professional contacts and dedicated his free time to volunteering for causes that matter most to him. In return, he’s received unprecedented access to what he refers to as “business intelligence,” that gives him a strong leg-up on his competition. “Last year was the first year I volunteered with AAR,” said Simpson. “As REALTORS®, we are constantly fighting battles that could have far-reaching implications. I wanted to have a say in what happens in my industry.”

State-Level Participation

Simpson is an active member on the AAR Legislative Policy Committee. During the legislative session, he spends approximately six to seven hours a week reviewing and researching upcoming legislation and bills that are introduced. “[The committee] takes a look at policies that could have an effect on REALTORS®… things like private property rights, HOAs and water and land issues. Then, we decide what action to take on these issues.”  He also serves as a RAPAC trustee, evaluating state-level candidates and their positions on REALTOR® issues.

National Participation

On a national level, Simpson is a NAR Director and member of the Federal Finance and Housing Committee. In this capacity, Simpson has the opportunity to take a look at NAR policies and proposals and make decisions that affect all REALTORS®. Recently, he was instrumental in the decisions to allow to expand what properties are allowed on its site, as well as the decision to increase the REALTOR® brand by investing in the new NAR headquarters building in Chicago.

The Payoff 

But, what does all this volunteering get him? According to Simpson, it has enhanced his business quite a bit. “My involvement in AAR and NAR has given me increased credibility with my clients,” said Simpson. “[Through volunteering] I have advanced knowledge about things that could affect my clients’ purchasing decisions and because of that I’m able to be a sounding board for them.” Simpson also adds that there are other benefits to getting involved. “Another benefit is the opportunity to build a large network of referral partners, “ said Simpson. “Getting to know REALTORS® from around the state helps me locate properties for my buyers” and vice versa.

Simpson also devotes his time to the Downtown Tucson Merchant’s Association, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Arizona Forward. You can keep up with him on his blog, Tucson Kent’s World.

If you’re interested in getting more involved in the Arizona Association of REALTORS®, take a look at our four primary committees and contact the vice-chair.

Three Things You Didn’t Know You Could Deduct on Your Taxes

Driving Miss REALTOR®

“When you’re driving, you’re not able to do your job,” said Shauna Wekherlien, a Scottsdale CPA with the Tax Goddess. Many of her clients have resorted to hiring drivers for the day when they want to take clients around. And the best part – it’s tax deductible. “Hiring a driver makes it easy to show homes to clients answer emails and texts and return phone calls. You’re able to give your full attention to your clients.”

Sofia the Security Dog

We know that being a REALTOR® is a rewarding job, but it comes with some risk. Single, female real estate agents can actually write off their pooch if they use him or her for security. According to Wekherlien, “if the dog is taller than the height of your knee, trained, and comes with you to your business appointments, you can write your dog off as a business expense.” This includes vet bills and obedience training for the dog.

Put Your Kids to Work

“Yes, you can pay your children to work for you and deduct it as a business expense,” said Wekherlien. While there are rules about what an unlicensed assistant can and cannot do in the eyes of the IRS, just as long as you pay your children a reasonable salary, you can claim their salary as a business expense.

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Tax Tips Every REALTOR® Should Know

Being that it’s only February, April 15 seems like a long way away. But, it’ll be here before you know it. AAR interviewed Scottsdale CPA and “tax goddess” Shauna Wekherlien to get some tips for making sure your taxes are filed as smoothly as possible.

Shauna Wekherlien

Tip No. 1: Get Organized

According to Wekherlien, one of the best investments that REALTORS® can make is in accounting software like QuickBooks. “Clients are used to reporting profit and loss, but forget about big purchases and small charges,” said Wekherlien. Using a program like QuickBooks will keep all your charges categorized and print out a nice report that you can take to your CPA. “If you’re bringing five or six boxes of receipts to your CPA, it will cost you more money in the long run.”

Another tip that Wekherlien suggests is using a separate credit card and bank account for all business transactions. “When all your charges are in one place, it’s much easier to reconcile your accounts.”

Tip No. 2: Know What is “Ordinary and Necessary” 

When deciding if an item is a true business expenses, ask yourself, “is this ordinary and necessary” for me to make money. Wekherlien gives this example: “You may not be able to deduct your high-end, designer suits as a business expense — because you can, technically, do business without them. But, it might be possible to deduct dry cleaning or even a nail appointment here and there. Your CPA will be able to help you make the determination.

Bonus: Three Things You Didn’t Know You Could Deduct on Your Taxes

Tip No. 3: Know What’s Changed for 2013 

In 2013, there are a few changes that will directly affect some REALTORS®. The first pertains to the Affordable Care Act. According to Wekherlien, single agents that make $200K or more will pay approximately 4.7 percent more taxes and can also expect to lose some deductions. Another change in 2013 is that Capital Gains tax has increased from 15 percent to 20 percent.

Mileage is one of the biggest deductions of which REALTORS® can take advantage of. The mileage reimbursement rose to 56.5 cents a mile for 2013. Wekherlien strongly recommends using an app to track your mileage. “Using a mileage app like MileTracker or MileBug will make it so much easier to report your mileage,” said Wekherlien.

“In the past,” said Wekherlien, “the home office deduction was much more complicated to deduct, more records to keep, and harder to really take as a write-off.  That isn’t the case anymore and in 2013, the IRS came up with a simple calculation for home office deductions.” For every square foot of home office space, a REALTOR® can deduct $5. (Example: 150 square foot office = $750 deduction). If REALTORS® would prefer to take the traditional deduction (a percentage of the home’s total square feet,) that option is still available.

Tip No. 4: Get Professional Help 

Hire a CPA that specializes in real estate. At first, this advice seemed a bit off, but Wekherlien said, “They’ll know your industry. They know the types of expenses you should and should not have.” Another surprising fact about CPAs who work with REALTORS® said Wekherlien, ”using a CPA who knows REALTORS® can actually boost your business. We’ve got connections to other REALTORS® or affiliates in your industry. It’s not uncommon for me to connect two of my clients in a way that generates business for them both.”

Shauna Wekherlien has been a CPA since 2001. Her company, Tax Goddess Business Services, PC, is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

AAR Introduces New and Revised Property Management Forms

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