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Step 1. Review the NAR Diversity Toolkit

Association leadership and staff should initially review the NAR Diversity Toolkit for assistance in framing the overall issue and identifying resources.

Step 2. Initial Discussions

Some preliminary discussion among association leadership should take place prior to the development of a formal plan. Suggested questions for this discussion are:

  • What are your long term diversity goals?
    • Increase diversity in membership?
    • Increase diversity in leadership?
    • Teach your members new skills?
    • Strengthen your political base and power?
  • Does your strategic plan include diversity? If yes, the basis for a more detailed business plan is probably already established. If no, it should probably be considered at the next Strategic Plan revision.
  • What are your resources, both in funds and staffing?
  • Who’s in your marketplace? Should a survey be undertaken prior to your plan’s development? There are resources available to assist you in identifying the demographics in your market, as well. (See the NAR Diversity Toolkit for a list.)
  • Has there been any demand from your members to address ‘diversity?’ If so, what is its nature and intensity?

Once these and other similar questions have been addressed, you are likely ready to draft a plan. Your association may already have a planning process and this issue can follow that format. If not, your probable next step is to form a committee or work group to continue the process.

Step 3. Determine what group should develop a plan

This group could be a ‘diversity’ or ‘equal opportunity’ or ‘fair housing’ group that is already is place, or can be appointed. Or it can be a special ad hoc group or task force to create a diversity plan. The group should be representative of all member groups and should include leadership to an extent.

Step 4. Consider hiring a facilitator to assist with plan development

An outside facilitator brings no preconceived ideas to the table and can help your group work through the issues to help identify what’s needed in your area.

Step 5. Develop the plan. Below is a ‘model’ plan that can get you started, or you can begin from a blank sheet of paper. (The model is in large part, a blend of the NAR Diversity plan and local application. There are many objectives here to consider, some of which will apply and some will not.)


Vision: REALTORS® are leaders in a culturally diverse real estate environment.

Strategies: Each of the following strategies is equally critical to implementing this vision.

Create a standing—not ad hoc—committee to implement your diversity program. (if not already existing)

Short Term Objectives:

  • Create a job description and related structure for the group
  • Assign appropriate Diversity Plan objectives to the group for implementation.

Develop and promote a business case for diversity for REALTORS® and brokers.

Short Term Objectives:

  • Develop a business case for diversity linking changes to the bottom line of real estate firms including a picture of the real estate business in a multicultural future and directly present this case to the top real estate brokers by the end of _______.
  • Put short, compelling diversity information on the association’s website by the first quarter of ____, rotating facts and statistics on a frequent basis
  • Target data to brokers and association leaders through existing association targeted communications.
  • Provide information at the leadership conference
  • Use successes as stories to approach others

Increase diversity in the association’s membership and in the real estate workplace.

Short term Objectives:

  • Obtain demographic statistics regarding licensees who are not members.
  • Develop materials state and local associations can use to recruit minority members, including materials designed to attract young professionals into the business.
  • Include workplace diversity objectives in educational and promotional diversity materials developed for brokers.

Expand diversity in Association leadership.

Short term Objectives:

  • Members of the fair housing/diversity committee identify minority members who are individually invited to participate in association activities
  • Create an environment that supports minority members empowering themselves to become leaders
  • Identify and promote leadership training and development for everyone and invite minorities to participate
  • Invite and include minority real estate organization leaders.

Build and enhance alliances with minority real estate organizations.

Short Term Objectives:

  • Promote alliances with groups located in the association’s geographic area and encourage participation by association members in minority real estate organizations.
  • Inclusion of minority partner organizations in association policy and program development where appropriate.

Promote diversity and fair housing “best practices”, encourage diversity planning and provide diversity and fair housing training.

Short Term Objectives:

  • Encourage members to obtain the NAR At Home with Diversity certification
  • Secure continuing education credit for any diversity training including training developed or offered by partners.

Address the business and political issues faced by minority members.

Short Term Objectives:

  • Include minority partner organizations and minority members in local housing opportunity programs.
  • Research the issues and needs facing minority members in the community.
  • Include workplace diversity objectives in educational and promotional diversity materials developed for brokers.
  • Market the association, AAR, and NAR, their programs and products to minority members.

Develop and advocate an effective policy agenda addressing real estate issues impacting diverse communities

Short Term Objectives:

  • Expand diversity in grassroots political contact teams.
  • Increase diversity in public policy committees.
  • Partner with minority real estate organizations and other groups to develop and advocate a shared policy agenda where appropriate.
  • Bring awareness and consideration of real estate issues impacting minority communities into the mainstream.

Engage and support diversity programming at the broker level.

Short term Objectives:

  • Apply appropriate provisions of the NAR diversity toolkit for REALTORS® associations for brokers.
  • Provide feedback and information on diversity success and include these successes in the diversity toolkit and other venues.
  • Encourage brokers to develop diversity plans and provide a model
  • Develop a team of volunteers to engage and be a resource to state/local associations.
  • Develop and implement a mechanism to provide support firms’ diversity activities.