Special Operating/Legal Action Fund

Special Operating/Legal Action Fund
The Association has a Special Operating/Legal Reserve that can be accessed by local associations and REALTORS® wishing financial assistance. Requests are initiated primarily through local associations where applicable with a recommendation to AAR from the local association. Ideally, a local association should commit funds or other in-kind services in support of their position, however, that is not a requirement.
The following procedure for legal assistance requests is offered to any requesting party as a guideline for submitting requests to AAR for consideration.
Pursuant to AAR bylaws, Article IV, AAR maintains a legal Reserve Fund. Pursuant to Policy CEO.7 and Policy EXC.11 “[o]ne of the purposes of the Reserve Fund is to provide legal assistance to Boards and/or REALTORS® where litigation arises that can affect other REALTORS®, Boards or the Association.” The following shall be the procedure for submission of any requests for legal assistance.
Request financial and other assistance from the local Association of which the requesting party is a member. AAR’s Executive Committee will be reluctant to provide funding for cases that have not been first considered by the appropriate local Association.
Provide a written statement setting forth the purpose of the request. The written statement must at a minimum address:
Why this case is of such a nature as to have an adverse statewide effect on REALTORS®, local Association or AAR
The amount requested
Any other pertinent information
Provide copies of all pertinent pleadings. The following documents should be included with the request, if available and applicable:
Dispositive motions
Court Orders
Appellate briefs
The Executive Committee, with legal counsel present, shall hear and decide on all requests. The requesting party may be asked to make a presentation about the case to the Executive Committee.