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In an effort to standardize listing agreements in Arizona, the multiple listing services (MLSs) reached out to the Arizona REALTORS® Risk Management Committee and requested that the Arizona REALTORS® draft Listing Agreements for release to the MLSs for their consideration.

As a result of that request, by way of a Workgroup chaired by Mimi Lundy[1], the Arizona REALTORS® drafted the following three NEW forms: (1) Residential Listing Contract Exclusive Right to Sell/Rent; (2) Residential Listing Contract Exclusive Agency (collectively “Listing Agreements”); and (3) Listing Contract Addendum.

The Listing Agreements and Listing Contract Addendum will be provided to each MLS on February 1, 2021.  Their use of the forms is not mandatory, meaning each MLS can decide for itself if and when to adopt them. Please therefore contact your MLS to confirm whether it has elected to adopt the new forms. 

NOTE: Frequently asked questions for the forms will be provided to each MLS to share with its members at the time the forms are rolled out should they choose to utilize the new Listing Agreement and Listing Contract Addendum.

[1] Mimi Lundy would like to thank the other members of the workgroup who represented each of the MLSs throughout the state of Arizona and generously volunteered their time to draft these forms.