The Code of Ethics is based on the concept of:

The Code of Ethics was adopted:

The Preamble to the Code:

The Code is primarily enforced through:

The two basic types of complaints that are handled by local associations are:

The three committees or groups that are involved in the Code enforcement process are:

A request for mandatory arbitration is based on:

A request for arbitration is most commonly based on a dispute about:

The concept of procuring cause is used to decide commission disputes in arbitration cases. Which of the following statements is true about the concept of procuring cause?

REALTORS® have an obligation to protect and promote the interests of their clients but also have an obligation to treat all parties:

If a listing broker tells another broker, “I’ll cooperate with you,” the other broker:

A cooperating broker in a transaction may:

Disciplinary action in an ethics complaint may NOT include: