Late last week, we were alerted that Tech Helpline successfully thwarted an attempt to gain access to a member’s computer in the midst of the attack itself!

While performing a routine update to their windows operating system, the member was prompted to call a seemingly legitimate customer support number for assistance in performing the updates and required security upgrades.  The real motive behind the attack was to scan their computer for information and access.

Luckily they remembered to contact Tech Helpline which continues to be a vital (and free) benefit for Arizona REALTORS® and they received immediate guidance on how to get rid of the scammer.  HelpLine staff then checked out key components of their computer, eliminated unnecessary programs and provided essential steps to take if there was ever a reoccurrence.

They were smart, professional, knowledgeable and very re-assuring. They knew their stuff. They gave the kind of customer service and shared their technology acumen in an exemplary manner in a way that was understandable to someone that considers himself a non-techno savvy individual. For all of this and more I am grateful.

J.T. Tsighis, Tucson

During this uncertain time, while many of us are working from home, it seems like a good time to remind Arizona REALTORS® that Tech Helpline can be of assistance with home office setups, Wi-Fi configurations, and software recommendations. Give them a shout if you need help as you transition to a modified workspace.

Tech Helpline

Monday through Friday—9 am to 8 pm, Eastern Time
Saturday—9 am to 5 pm, Eastern Time